Meet Adam Nelson

I met a visitor in the Tumbleweed office today named Adam Nelson. We sat together for a while to talk about his idea of the perfect spot to live in his Tumbleweed, a Lusby that will be delivered May 25th. After chatting with him, we decided to send out a message on his behalf to our Tumbleweed folks in his neighborhoAdam Nelson is waiting anxiously for his Lusby to be delivered!od to see if we could help him find his dream spot.

 Adam works in Clive and would love to walk or bike to work, so his ideal location would be somewhere in the west side of Des Moines within 20 miles of Clive, the closer the better. The space would need to be available at the end of May, and if everything else works out well he sees himself living there for a year or two. He's a quiet guy who doesn't expect to entertain frequently, so he just needs one parking space for himself and access to one extra spot occasionally for a visitor. He's incredibly easy going, and couldn't think of anything in particular that would disqualify a potential locale, but I finally got him to tell me any illegal activity on the property would be a deal breaker.

 He has no idea what kind of rent rate people would be looking for but he would be delighted to pay less than $400 per month if possible. He would consider being on call for a little work trade to offset his expenses and his offerings could include dog sitting, watching over the property during the owner's absence, and potentially making his professional skills available for things like occasional contract reviews and legal work, speeches, arguing things, or any tasks involving reading, writing and researching. He is allergic to cats, so if you have a cat in your house, he would not be able to hang out in your home or let your cat hang out in his little house.

On a personal note, I enjoyed Adam's company and found him to be warm-hearted, positive, cheerful, articulate, and just a very personable guy all around. If you or someone you know is in the right neighborhood and could use some extra income and the inspiring daily vision of a Lusby in your yard, get in touch with us at spot"at"tumbleweedhouses"dot"com

-Pepper Clark
Workshop Presenter / Designer

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