The Other Freedoms of Tiny Houses

The Other Freedoms of Tiny Houses

‘Financial freedom’ is a phrase rooted in the appeal of tiny houses. I used it before I lived in mine because not many people seem to have it, and it was a great reason to give to inquiring minds that must know why the heck you want to build this unusually small house.

It sounds good, ‘financial freedom’, doesn’t it? But though I used the term frequently, I couldn’t know what it would mean to me in real life terms because I wasn’t there yet. Now that I live tiny full time, I am slowly understanding the weight of this, and just how few people really do have it.

The freedom that tiny houses allow isn’t just financial, it’s a full circle of inter-connected possibilities that exemplify the word and absolutely blow my mind. I could write a novel, but here are just a few of the freedoms I find living tiny.

Freedom to Change

I can change things now that would have seemed unchangeable to me with the strings of my conventional life. I can change the position of my house with the seasons or move across the country and take that same house with me.

I have already changed the way I live and think and I’m able to start changing habits that were making me unhappy; I am clean and tidy in my house, I make lists and get way more done. My new part-time job with Tumbleweed that I love is all I need to do because my overhead is so low.

The initial changes of committing to—and building—a tiny house broke the stagnation that held me back and set me on a path of forward movement.

Freedom of Time

If there’s one thing that stresses me out it’s time. Rushing off to get things done on a limit, being somewhere without enough or watching the clock tick by while I had to complete some mindless work task for old jobs that made me wonder what I was doing with my life.

When did you last feel you had plenty of time to do something you wanted to do? To travel, work on a project or spend time with people you love?

The most amazing thing this house has done is that it has given me the time to do what’s important to me. Today, for instance, I sat in the sunshine, called my sister, played banjo in my window seat, swam in the ocean, and after this post I quite think I’m going to make pancakes. Time is potential, how much would it change your life to be the one who chooses how to fill it?

I really could write a novel, because there are so many more. Freedom to explore, to love, to just ‘be’, and I look forward to more and more people discovering and living with their own freedoms in tiny houses.

-Ella Jenkins
Workshop Presenter

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