Big Dreams! How Nicola Marchi Came To Be A Tumbleweed Designer


Big Dreams For A Tiny Movement

“You can design your way out of any problem, given enough notice.” These are the sage words of Italian native and the newest addition to the Tumbleweed design department, Nicola Marchi. Solving just such a problem as part of a study assignment at the Illinois Institute of Technology led Nicola to discover Tumbleweed. He was immediately struck by the houses, “I thought they offered solutions to so many of the issues we encounter in our modern society today.”

Soon after graduating, Nicola attended a Tumbleweed Workshop in Seattle, and was immensely impressed by designer Ross Chapin, who presented there. At the end of the workshop Nicola approached Ross and asked if he knew of any architects in the area looking for interns. As luck would have it, Tumbleweed’s President, Steve Weissman just happened to be standing 5 feet away and he was looking for a Tumbleweed design intern!

The rest is history…Nicola moved to Sonoma, CA to join the Tumbleweed design team as an intern in February 2013 and was immediately given a heavy-duty assignment: design a purpose-built trailer specifically for Tumbleweed’s houses-to-go. It was an overwhelming assignment but Nicola worked diligently to bring it to fruition. And now Tumbleweed can claim the “first” purpose-built trailer for the tiny house-to-go market.


Nicola’s brilliant trailer design is now offered in 3 lengths with 3 different porch configurations and is built to the highest standards of strength and durability. The custom trailer eliminates the aggravation of locating, purchasing and converting an existing trailer on which to build a house—and you can rest assured that the strict requirements necessary to carry a house have all been met and exceeded!

Nicola is now working on his next top secret project—one that’s sure to take the tiny house movement by storm yet again.

When not designing for Tumbleweed, Nicola loves to hike, ski, snow-board and is an avid reader, with a special affinity for science fiction. Nicola lives in a 14′x7′ space near Tumbleweed’s HQ in Sonoma, which fits well with his passion for sustainable living.

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