From Historic Timber to Classic Escape

Here’s a “before and after” cabin renovation that embodies so much of what we love at Tumbleweed. It took absolute determination, belief, preservation, intelligence, grit and creativity.

The Miracle:  What do you get when you combine nearly 200-year old cabin timbers and a retired mathematician?  Nothing short of a miracle cabin that comes to life! Imgur (and Reddit) user Kippies recently shared photos highlighting his father’s 10-year restoration of an 1830’s era home.

The Remains:  We frequently field questions about the use of “found wood,” which creates character after many hours of work. Considering how much character these timbers have, we can only imagine the work here was extremely intensive. To move the timbers, this savvy mathematician carefully numbered and labeled them before relocating cabin remains to his property.

The Build:  The cabin includes a lovely front porch, sleeping loft, stone fireplace and root cellar. Some of the wood timbers came from the original home, while wood from a downed oak tree in the family's backyard became a special staircase.  All the materials were locally sourced too. Gorgeous!

The Results:  This historically-inspired home is stunning and unpretentious. The beauty and simplicity inspired by original timbers and craftsmanship of the build blend seamlessly. The builder's patience and attention to detail paid off during his decade-long project.

To the father and craftsman of this cabin, congratulations on an incredible build. To the son who shared images of your family's cabin, thank you for inspiring us. We wish you many warm fire-lit evenings.

Note: Tumbleweed admires unusual yet perfect cottages of bygone eras. Our own cottage designs are inspired by archetypes that are 100+ years old, reflecting the changes from early U.S. pioneer homes.

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