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Hi Tumbleweed Fans!

Next week on July 1 ends the first three months that I have been working for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company as the new in-house Architect. It’s been an exciting ride so far – I love getting to meet you at workshops (hello to my friends from the Sacramento, Nashville, and Berkeley workshops!) and diving into the details of how a tiny house is constructed differently from regular construction. 


Working at Tumbleweed is a dream job for me. I wake up every morning excited to get to work and see what I can accomplish – and hopefully impact your lives for the better. In my most recent design, I listened to the feedback that I was getting from many of you about wanting a loft sleeping area but needing more space. A loft for two people is a different animal than a loft for one. I also had this concern for my own build, which my husband Dan and I recently began work on.  I love reading in bed at night – my most recent book is “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss – and Dan likes to play games on his iPad before going to sleep, so we wanted a loft where we could both sit up comfortably. A regular loft with a 12/12 pitch is a little cramped for that. 


When I set out to design a house for my own family, I thought about ways in which to incorporate a bigger, functional sleeping loft and still have a beautiful exterior. I have long admired the B-53 cottage plans, and I started there. I am pleased to share with you the newest design in the Tumbleweed House to Go family: The Linden!


Plans and details will be available on the Tumbleweed website in early July.

Happy Hammering!





Meg Stephens

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