See Guillaume Build His Dream Tiny House

Sometimes just the right person comes along, who's devoting nearly full-time to building a Tumbleweed and is a professional photographer. That person is Guillaume Dutilh, who has documented each step of the way. He and Jenna Spesard are embracing their Tiny House Giant Journey, and it's time to share their progress and key building stages. 

Guillaume and his brother are enjoying rafter work (video: tinyhousegiantjourney,com)

Installing Dormer Rafters

One of the most exciting stages is creating a roof. When rafters are attached, a tiny house suddenly emerges in its skeletal form. Here we see the rafters on the dormers which make the loft sleeping area bigger and more comfortable. You can see the extra space as compared to the roof angle at the front of the home.  Also notice the two square frames in the foreground and background, where windows will be installed later. (See time-lapse video.)

Guillaume frames the left side of his home (video:

Framing Left Wall

Check out the stick framing process for the left side wall. It's interesting to see a large stack of two-by-fours transform magically into a sturdy wood wall. There's plenty of diligent hammering work, and assembly seemed to take a full day to complete. Raising and attaching the wall goes smoothly after that's done. Guillaume's most proud of retaining all ten digits, though. (See time-lapse video.)

Guillaume tries and succeeds at leveling the trailer (video:

Leveling The Trailer

In the beginning, there was a Tumbleweed trailer to serve as a steady and sturdy foundation for a tiny house. Guillaume quickly learned from the experience of leveling this trailer, so the build would go smoothly. "I almost wish I hadn’t spent all day trying to level the darn thing and just used the laser right away," he explained. "On the other hand, I better get used to leveling our house for when we travel the country." (See time-lapse video.)

Build Continues Today

Guillaume couldn't build his tiny house all alone. Most weekends, he and Jenna invite volunteers to their building parties where beer and barbecue serve as rewards. They are working on sheathing these days, and you can see progress on their facebook page and website.  We can't wait for them to put the finishing touches on their home!

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