Who Wants an iTree?

Who wants an iTree? This upscale speaker system might suit someone who already has everything and truly adores a natural, big lodge look. It's made from a tree that's felled, hollowed out, and wired to dock an old-school iPod.

The iTree gets promoted as sustainable design, yet is absurdly wasteful. No speakers need to be this large! The sheer trunk size won't work in any typical home, let alone a tiny one. Perhaps the iTree fits best and should take up residency in a museum, where everyone can ponder the beautiful concept.

Take a look at this video teaser, showing a tree transforming into an iTree.

Pick Your iTree Options

If you wanted an iTree, then the first decision is the tree itself. Typically they are made using spruce or white spruce, while cherry, stone pine, poplar and nut trees are custom requests. We believe the trees are selected and felled in Austria.

Initial wood preparation and carving is done by Austrian craftsman Tischlerei Lenz. Top quality amplification and speakers, from Trenner & Friedl, get inserted into the back of the trunk.

Finally you would need to select from three tree trunk displays, including a wall bracket, floor stand and console stand. KMKG Studio, which sells the unit, says you should consider trunk weight when selecting a wall bracket.

The iTree As Dadaism

Dadaism: "A European artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity." The American Heritage Dictionary

We wonder who would want this iTree, and what it says about our human nature to be amused by a customized boom-box. The speaker system "goes big" on the tree acoustics yet "goes small" with an outdated, small-storage iPod.  It's a head-scratcher for sure.

To us, the iTree represents the polar opposite of the Tiny House. Do you agree?

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