Tiny Holidays Celebrated To Scale

During the 2013 holiday season, we enjoyed how tiny house dwellers and builders celebrated in style. Everything seemed traditional and familiar, yet scaled down a bit for their homes. Take a quick tour below.

Texan, Swedish and tiny traditions here (tinyhousebigdream.wordpress.com)

From Georgia:  Sebastienne, Maria and Ada celebrated in a classic fashion. They made cookies, exchanged gifts, and decorated with their mini evergreen. While completing their build, this family already lives with a tiny spirit.

A ginger bread house honors living tiny (facebook.link)

From Alaska:  Heather baked up a storm with all kinds of holiday treats. Her tiny ginger bread house was sweet, with plenty of snow and nice red candy tires! We believe her dogs and cat were sleeping inside this house.

Holiday ornaments and lights cheer up this tiny house (tinyhousefamily.com)

From Virginia:  Karl and Hari, along with their two kids, celebrated with a tree, lights, stockings and wreath inside their home.  They reached their third Christmas in the tiny home, living together in 320 usable (with lofts) square feet.

First and only Christmas in a construction zone  (tinyhousegiantjourney.com)

From California:  Jenna and Guillaume marked Christmas 2013 with their little tree-plant, lights and house building gifts delivered by Santa. They gathered at the Los Angeles build site, together with friends and a new dog! 

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