Lloyd Kahn Visits Tumbleweed

It was a rainy day in Sonoma yesterday, something we all appreciated as an antidote to California's drought. Lloyd Kahn, who shelters in Bolinas, stopped by our Tumbleweed office and we discussed the upswing in tiny house interest. What's new is old, or what's old is new again.

Lloyd Kahn, Editor-In-Chief of Shelter Publications, visits the Tumbleweed Linden

For those who don't know Lloyd Kahn, he first became fascinated with shelters of all types decades ago. He was one of the main editors of the Whole Earth Catalog and focused on the shelter section. Kahn hasn't lost interest in how people live in the U.S. and across the globe, and has published stunning, best-seller shelter books ever since.

The Generations Reset

It was terrific to discuss the past and future with Lloyd, as we thought about why people seek simpler shelters. On a practical level, the American Dream of a very large, unaffordable home wasn't and isn't a dream at all. Baby Boomers yearn to throw off the shackles of large mortgages and square footage, and aspire to live well and tiny. Their children see humbler times and have no interest in taking on the shackles at all.

Tiny Homes As Antidotes

By examining and curating how people live simply in tiny spaces, Lloyd not only shares stories but also shows what's possible, practical and more than a pipe dream. We believe that's why readers get drawn into his shelter books. If a quarter million people buy your tomes, then you must be striking some chords and encouraging them to define simpler lives for themselves.

Flexibility and Choices

What's most interesting is how Lloyd Kahn has evolved over the years. Living in an energy efficient, sustainable fashion has remained key though his space has grown from tiny to merely small. There's no one "right" style of architecture, building or setting required to live simply. Geodesic homes may be cool, for example, though furniture is rectangular and we all like standing, sitting and moving in vertical-horizontal planes too.

Tiny House: Simple Shelters

At Tumbleweed, we are proud to highlight and sell Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn. The book contains chapters covering tiny homes on land, wheels and sea. You may live on the grid or not. You may live remotely, in town, or more urban places. Last and not least, we are pleased that some Tumbleweed Houses are shown among the 1,300 images published here.

To Buy:  Click on the Tiny House Book page and add to cart.  We charge $19.99 and also ship FREE to U.S. customers.

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