Tumbleweeds To Welcome Las Vegas Workshop Attendees

We are rolling out the red carpet for the upcoming Las Vegas tiny house workshop. Two Tumbleweed homes cordially invite you to make a special trip to visit them, experience the workshop and possibly get a minute of Hollywood fame.

Book a flight or drive to Vegas, and learn all about building and living in a tiny house. This two-day workshop takes place February 22-23rd, and you can still get the 25% off early-bird price: learn more and buy tickets

Tumbleweeds are rink-side, at the Gold Spike Hotel  (Las Vegas Chatter)

Workshop Visits Two Tiny Homes

Some very nice Tumbleweeds were built for the Downtown Project last year, which aims to bring the old city core back to life. By next year, we believe these homes will be located in a tiny village where people can live in them. For now, they have made some appearances around the city.

By special permission, Tumbleweed workshop attendees will get to visit two homes we delivered to the Downtown Project. These homes are temporarily used to rent skates! We will leave the nearby workshop hotel and have uninterrupted time, before skating begins, with the Tumbleweeds.

Workshop Leaders and Guests

Who is at the workshop?  The ever-engaging Ella Jenkins will lead our two-day workshop, and share her own story of building a home based on the Cypress 18 Overlook plans. Her home is a beautiful, well-decorated and beloved place she shares with her boyfriend and a dog. What makes Ella special is that she teaches you what it really takes to build a tiny house, and reduces the fear factor!

Who else will be around?  Meg Stephens, who designed many of the Tumbleweed homes and multiple floor plans, will be in Vegas. It's not every day that you can ask the person who created the homes questions. Another couple, Jenna and Guillaume, are working diligently on their home now and previously attended two workshops, bought a trailer and are finishing their tiny place with an exciting future ahead.

What about the Lights and Cameras?

Sorry, we can't really tell you very much about those lights and cameras. Suffice to say, there might be a little bit of taping during the class. You moments on TV are possible but not guaranteed in a crowd. For those who are camera-shy, then no worries at all.

Workshop Details:

  • Where: Hampton Inn, 4975 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV.
  • When:  February 22-23rd, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm both days.
  • Costs:  Tickets are 25% off the full price, $299/one ticket and $499/two tickets


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