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Derek Diedricksen is a tiny house expert, salvager, artist, videographer, author and Relaxshacks impresario. We welcome Deek's decor tips which he shares here, and you'll find more in Humble Homes, Simple Shacks. Take it away, Deek.

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Six Simple Decor Tips

I've used many of these in budget-tight builds and more....

1. Don't be scared of re-purposing an old, or even a free-salvaged piece.

Many of the decorative items in my own home, and in the tiny houses, cabins, and shelters I build for clients have been scavenged roadside. "Trash Picker" you may be thinking/judging, but heck no, more like "Cash Picker" - I've sold SO many of these re-purposed items on craigslist to build funds for my projects. This not only saves you a bundle of money and keeps certain items out of the waste stream, but it serves to give your house a unique and often one-of-a-kind look. Sick of having the same exact furniture as half the neighbors on the block? Well here's your chance for individuality, creativity, and saving money.

2. Double-purpose your decor.

A nice guitar hung on a wall is the age-old example. In and of itself, an item like this is "art" when it really boils down to it. A guitar is pleasing to look at, and can be used (depending on one's skill level) for enjoyable music and entertainment. You can also hide items within it, I suppose.

3. Beautify your stored items.

This is a great tactic that you'll see frequently; in fact, your kitchen could employ this tactic rather well. Items like beans, flour, rice, and pasta - why not store them out in the open in attractive mason-like jars?

4. Dare to store out in the open.

This ties into the last tip, but goes beyond the realm of kitchen goods. Choose attractive storage items and containers, or forego containers if possible, and store those goods on shelves in the open. By doing do, you're thereby forcing yourself to keep up on cleanliness in your own dwelling, and made to keep your possessions within reason.

5. Pillows are Decor 101.

Pillows are inexpensive, can set the mood and style of a room, are useful, comfortable (well, if they aren't, don't bother with 'em!), and can be updated with new slip cover if you decide you want a new look down the road. You can also store spare sheets, and other soft items in pillow cases, and use this storage for comfort.

6. Invest in at least one reliable, and good looking, lantern.

They're extremely useful in power outages, for camping, or for setting that special tiny house mood on date night. No, in all seriousness, there are many good lanterns out there that are absolute works of art. One of my favorites at my Vermont cabin is a Moroccan Hanging Candle-Lamp, with Amber glass sides. They barely take up any space, too!

WHAT SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, IDEAS WOULD YOU ADD? For more from Deek, check out or his video series at

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