Zee's Tiny Classroom Update

Zee Kesler (On Left in Blue) and her Tiny House Team

We spoke with Zee Kesler back in May when she was still raising funds and dreaming of owning a tiny mobile community center in Vancouver. After a very productive summer, it seems Zee’s dream is close to becoming a reality. Her tiny structure has a finished exterior and the interior is in the works.

The advancements in her build are owed substantially to her friends and construction / design partners: John McFarlane (who builds tiny homes in Vancouver), Josh Armstrong, and Dave Myers. “I trust them whole heartedly and love everything they’ve done,” Zee explains. Her materials consist mostly of recycled supplies from local film productions, and the guys are constantly surprising her with the reuse of these items, seen most recently in her multi-colored window trim.

‘I love stripes, so when I saw what they did (with the trim), I was like: “Awww, you guys know me!”’ Zee recalls. “A community center should be colorful.”

As promised, workshops were held throughout Zee’s build, allowing other tiny house enthusiasts to learn from guest experts and even participate in the construction when possible. “The workshops covered the entire process of building a tiny home,” Zee explains, “So even though we aren’t finished with the house, we did demos of how to complete a tiny home.” Zee continued by saying that she was learning along with her 7-8 workshop attendees. Her favorite part was understanding how water interacts with certain materials and how houses have evolved over time.

Photo from Zee's Tiny House Workshop

Another unique item in Zee’s tiny classroom is the back window. “John (her designer) modified the Tumbleweed plans to create a community center layout, and he decided to make the back window stand out and possibly double as a future trademark or logo.” The result was to put several extra windows together creating a large, picturesque, mosaic-like window.


Zee's Unique Back Window

Zee’s house still has a little way to go, but she hopes it will be completed in about a month. This winter she endeavors to secure a grant for a public parking spot in Vancouver and to make this tiny home into a official community center where classes will be held. If all goes well, Zee’s dream will become a reality as early as Spring 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates on Zee’s story!

More info on Zee’s tiny community center follow the build on facebook here and online here, and the original story here


*All photos provided by Zee Kesler


Jenna Spesard is currently living and traveling around North America in a self-built Tumbleweed Cypress with her partner, Guillaume, who is a professional photographer and Tumbleweed Workshop host. They are photographing and writing about their adventure that began in September 2014. Occasionally they will be hosting an open house. More on their tiny house and giant journey here.


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