Looking ahead to 2015

Going forward in 2015, we’ve decided to focus exclusively on our tiny homes on wheels (RVs) and remove the cottages from our website. While we do love the cottages, it’s clear that the Cypress, Elm and Mica are the most popular among our fans and we are focusing our entire company on improving those models.

The Cottages, comprised of our 9 homes on foundations, range from 261 to 874 square feet and are designed to meet the International Building Code. Most states have unique requirements which we are not prepared to handle and we can not build these models. Therefore, we will be licensing these designs to houseplans.com since they work with architects across the country to help individual builders meet their local and state codes.

Two years ago, we began manufacturing Tumbleweeds as RVs and now we are devoting ourselves 100% to this path. Since 2013, we've added 100’s of options to our models and made them incredibly easy to understand (see here). Tremendous improvements with financing and insurance paved the way for several customers to obtain 100% financing when purchasing their Tumbleweeds. 2015 is promising to provide even more banks and credit unions for customers looking to finance their purchase of a Tumbleweed with rates interest rates starting as low as 4.5%.

With all the attention tiny houses are receiving interest continues to grow. Our industry is growing up, and it’s important to recognize our role in making the tiny house RV more mainstream and accepted by governing bodies, banks, and insurance companies.

Written by Steve Weissmann — December 22, 2014

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