Lora's Tumbleweed Cypress

Introducing Lora, The Tiny House Teacher, and her gorgeous Tumbleweed Cypress!

"A year ago I read You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap) by Tammy Strobel," Lora told us in a recent interview. "I loved the idea of simplicity and aligning my space and money with my values and goals." Lora then toured a Tiny House RV at Tumbleweed's Colorado Springs location and discussed with a builder how to create her ideal custom Tiny House RV. "I chose Tumbleweed because I loved their floor plans and their interior design," Lora explained. "Their homes are top quality."

Tumbleweed offers plans, trailers and barn raisers (half-built homes that you can finish yourself), but Lora chose to have Tumbleweed build the entire Tiny House RV for her. "Although I loved the idea of building my own, it didn’t fit in with my goals, timeline or ability level!" She admitted. 

Eight months ago, Lora received her Tiny House RV, which is currently parked in an RV park in Georgia.

"I’ve become more conscious of how I spend my time and money, which has helped me really change my life in some pretty exciting ways (like starting my own business)." - Lora 

What are Lora's two favorite spots in her new Tiny House RV? "The nook is the perfect spot to snuggle up with a good book or to relax with an episode of my favorite show after work," Lora answered. "And the first time I climbed into bed, it was like having the cool treehouse I always wanted as a little kid!"

"My tiny home just feels like me.  It’s very organized and functional, with lots of storage for the things I love in my life (like my books!).  One of the best things about a small space, is that every detail reflects who you are because it’s all more intentional." - Lora 


Lora's blog, The Tiny House Teacher, offers advice and tips to other tiny enthusiasts as well as some informative content on the movement. Be sure to check it out.

*All photos provided by Lora and The Tiny House Teacher website.


Jenna BioJenna Spesard is currently living and traveling around North America in a DIY Tumbleweed Cypress with her partner, Guillaume, who is a professional photographer and Tumbleweed Workshop host. They are photographing and writing about their adventure and occasionally they will be hosting an open house. Follow their informative blog. 

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