Logo contest update

In just over 1 day, we've had over 30 entries to our logo contest. Some really great ideas there. And we've been providing feedback to help refine the logos for our final 3 choices.

...more entries using our favorite pictures

However, almost all the logos have been of the same style. We are hoping to have more entries using our favorite pictures. If you're thinking about designing a logo, but don't feel the creative style, please work with these suggestions. 1. Create a logo using one of our 3 favorite images: the gothic window, the Weebee at Sunset, or the Lusby at the Valley Ford Rush Minute. 2. Create a long horizontal logo that will stretch across the top of our website that has our name and 3 of our houses, so it looks like a scene. Here is a really bad example. Obviously, the backgrounds would need to blend together. It could be set against a night sky with all 3 houses shown.

All the files needed are available at 99designs.com Good luck! Can't wait to see the results.

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