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We ordered siding. My heart was set on a bright Key West type colour (yellow or blue), but when I found out that would take 6 weeks for delivery (long after the class will be finished working), I decided I could live with the options they gave me -- all fairly dull earthy colours. Sigh. I’ll be painting my front door the brightest most eye blinding colour possible. I’m going with vertical siding rather than horizontal just to break up the long look of the trailer. The siding is going to set me back around a thousand dollars. I’ll know the exact number when I get the final bill. I think my actual costs have been about $7700 (including the trailer). I’ve estimated I’ll spend at least another 7000 on siding, fixtures, appliances, etc. I know there are people out there who know how to do all of this for zero dollars; I’m not one of them. I guess if I’d been scrounging for years, I’d have a lot of this on hand, but since everything has to happen now or yesterday, the options are limited.

On the weekend a house that was under construction blew down. Don’t think I didn’t contemplate going over to see what could be scrounged!

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — May 25, 2010

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