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Metal or asphalt shingles – that is the question.  The reality is I'll probably only be moving this place twice in my life, so shingles are an option. The problem is they'll need venting, and that's not a super attractive look. OTOH, I haven't ordered the metal, and minimum it will take 10 days plus it's twice as expensive.  Can I wait ten days?  The expense isn't really an issue.  Environmentally, metal makes more sense. It's recyclable where ashphalt is not.  And it will last. Decades! ***

Ack, it turns out my street is going to have its sewers replaced which means they'll be tearing the whole thing up.  I've got to get this place finished before this happens.  Yet another thing to worry about.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — September 07, 2010

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