Host a Tumbleweed Display Model

Be the first to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to host a fully assembled Tumbleweed display model at your location. We're looking to partner with a business that can showcase our very popular Fencl House for 90 days. During that time we'll drive a lot of traffic to your location by advertising your business on our website, which is a $2000 value all by itself.

We'll fully support the showcase by giving you all the sales support merchandise you need. We'll make our best seller Small House Book available to you at our low wholesale rate that you can sell for the cover price, and you'll also sell construction plans to the do-it-yourselfers and earn a commission on each one. Best of all, if you sell the display model you'll earn a commission of up to $4000!

To get the most out of this opportunity, we ask that your business be open at least six days a week and that you have someone available to lock it and unlock it and to keep the unit clean, warm and presentable to customers. To ensure the safety of the unit we require a $500 security deposit, but that can easily be made up by the sale of our books and plans within just the first few days. Theoretically, the Tumbleweed can be showcased anywhere but a location such as a truck and RV dealership would be ideal. However, we are wide open to any creative suggestions, so if you have a hardware store or a lumberyard or maybe a coffee shop with a little extra space in the parking lot and you think you might want to host our display model - we'd love to hear from you!


Written by Steve Weissmann — October 20, 2010

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