KCI The saga continues

My Dad is concerned that the place we'll be parking the trailer is a bit soft.  If you remember we had to clear a huge pile of compost to create a space.  It's now spread out over my mother's gardens, but then when we got too lazy to haul, we just started spreading it in the clearing.  There's probably a good 4-6 inches of compost over the whole space, so yeah, it's soft. I suggested my Dad start parking his vehicle there to firm it up.   By the time we get there a few tons of SUV will have done the work necessary.  It's either that or me jumping up and down on the spot, and since I only weigh 110 pounds that'd be a lot of jumping.

I got to help build kitchen cabinets.  That was a great day. I held and screwed and applied melamine to edges.  This involved ironing, filing and sanding.  Three skills I am proficient at – not that I ever iron clothes, but theoretically I know how to, so I could apply those skills.

10 days after it arrived at my house, the roof sheathing is done.  The weather has not co-operated at all.  Today was supposed to be clear so that's why we left it until now.  Of course, the rain clouds are moving in.  Argh.  I'm hoping it's all done and the seams caulked before it starts to pour.  We no longer get light rains these days. It's all torrential monsoon like weather.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — October 24, 2010

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