Reclaimed Pine for Reclaimed Life

Tumbleweed Tiny HouseLast year, Tom and Neri, college professors in Santa Fe, New Mexico, made a decision to radically change their lifestyle. They wanted to be more mobile, lessen their carbon footprint, spend more time with their young daughter, and simplify their lives. One of the first things they did was to look for a portable house that would allow them to move at will yet maintain a comfortable, family-friendly home. No surprise that Tumbleweed's Lusby model was the clear choice for their future new home.
At the Tumbleweed Santa Fe Design & Build Workshop a few weeks ago, we met Tom and his friend Pat Crowe who is helping Tom and Neri build their Lusby. Not knowing how to build, Tom enlisted the aide of Pat because of his passion for using salvaged materials for new building construction. Kindred spirits. With the help of Pat, they located a 1910 bungalow in Texas that was about to be torn down. Pat hitched the trailer and drove to Texas to retrieve almost all the reclaimed lumber needed to build the Lusby.
Tumbleweed Tiny HouseTom and Pat are now working together to build the Tumbleweed home from reclaimed wood. Taking a pay-as-you-go approach, work is proceeding at a leisurely but steady pace. The trailer is in place, walls and roof are complete, interior wood finishes and cabinets are done and exterior siding is in progress. Almost all from reclaimed pine from the Texas bungalow. Very soon, Tom and Neri's Lusby will be finished. And then their new adventure will really begin.
Note: Pat Crowe is always excited about the opportunity to salvage old buildings, saving them from slow rot, fire, or the landfill. He is also looking forward to helping other tiny-house folks with their lumber requirements. His web address is; email is

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