Jonathan Plays Wii in Tiny House

We love hearing from our customers, especially from those who've taken that big step and built a Tumbleweed Tiny House of there own. For our newsletter this week, I wanted to introduce you to Jonathan, who currently resides in his Fencl in Flint, Michigan.

Jonathan has kept a very comprehensive online journal, chronicling his build from the very beginning and subsequent relocation. One thing that I believe you'll really like is that he has taken over 400 pictures and has written over 100 entries. It makes for an inspiring read, to say the least. If that's not enough, he's also recorded some great videos of the interior and exterior of his modified Tumbleweed. Talk about maximizing a tiny space! He's even got a Wii in there and room to use it! You'll want to see his video about installing the electrical system. We get quite a few requests for information about plumbing a tiny house for everyday use and this video will answer a lot of those questions. If you've ever wondered how to live with a composting toilet, Jonathan even has a video about that.

I really think he's done a great job with this tiny house. Maybe he can inspire you to move from dreaming about tiny living to actually building the tiny house of your dreams.

p.s. You gotta read this post about his dog Barney. Hilarious!

Learn how to build your own tiny house at a Tumbleweed Green Building Workshop.

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