Settling In

It's been 10 days since I moved several suitcases full of possessions into the Fencl and called it home. It never fails to amaze me how quickly humans can adapt to a space: for me, it took about 3 seconds to feel entirely in my element! 

Dream Bench 

The tiny house has been a huge hit on campus. I've gotten a number of random visitors who have all been very respectful. 

I'll be opening up the house to the public on Sunday, March 3rd from 1 to 4 pm, so if you missed it last time, feel free to come by! 

As far as everyday life, I'll run through a few of those beloved classic domestic categories:


I've never been a consistently organized person. But here, I find myself coming home from work at 2 am and wanting to tidy. Something about having a place for everything encourages me to put everything in its place...imagine that.The clever usage of space, rather than small size, might actually be the most novel thing about Tumbleweeds. I am someone very well suited to a large quantity of shelving and surfaces to work on. When confronted with a large empty space, I don't know what to do with my possessions, and find that I'd rather have none at all.


So far, my meal preparation has consisted mostly of my warming up leftovers in a cast-iron on the stove. I boil water everyday for tea, coffee, and sometimes pasta, and have experimented with popcorn. Once I get my spice collection going, however, I plan to have a number of semi-elaborate meals and tiny dinner parties. 


I have a very stylish  Newport Dickinson propane fireplace that is somewhat effective. It looks great, and is certainly inviting, but the illusion of warmth doesn't quite cut it in the New England winter. I'm considering adding an efficient electric blanket to the mix. A space heater would almost certainly blow a fuse, as I only have 20 amps of electricity. But luckily, spring is on its way! 


Luckily, the loft space remains warm enough to keep me asleep through the night. Last Friday, the first night in my house, I found out that my placement has a serious drawback- it's in prime campus party zone. Like most drunk 21 year olds, Hampshire students like to make a TON of noise when they're out in public. To be fair, I went to bed at 10 pm and had just brought a tiny house to campus without much notice, so some of the noise was to be expected. Anyway, easy fix- industrial earplugs. Otherwise, I LOVE being in the loft. It's the perfect place to read when I want to block out the world and surround myself with blankets

So it's been 10 wonderful days, and it's looking like it will be 3 wonderful months. Please ask me any questions you can think of, and stay tuned! 



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