Thanks for a Great Open House!

Yesterday's open house was a whirlwind. I'll admit that I spent the morning fairly certain that no one would come- the weather was weird, Sundays are lazy, and I sometimes lack social confidence.

But you, tiny house people, did not let me down. At exactly 12:58, a throng of people appeared, trudging through the mud. Children, farmers, urbanites, college officials- an incredibly kind and interesting crowd filled the house from start to finish. There was even a line outside! 

One lovely lady brought me daffodils; another family brought me a cake from a favorite bakery. Everyone brought questions, cameras, and positive reinforcement. I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I was so busy answering questions that I didn't get a chance! Here's a few photos I snapped: 

Some of the first attendees- laughs all around

No problem getting up to the loft 

Relaxing after a long day with friends and a delicious cake 

If you attended and took more pictures, please send them! 

Per my mom's request, I also started a guestbook. It was a great way to track where people were coming from- I had guests from Connecticut, New Hampshire, and all over Massachusetts, including Boston! Thanks so much to those who made the journey- it was a blast having you all around!

If you didn't get a chance to make it, or if you did and want to come back, please continue to check in with the Tumbleweed blog- I'll have another open house soon!
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