See A Day in the Life of Dee

You will love this video of Dee Williams, produced by the National Building Museum for their "House and Home" exhibit. If you are planning to go to the Santa Fe workshop, Dee will be showing the video and letting you in on all the behind-the-scenes goodness. Why not join us in Santa Fe?

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — April 27, 2012

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Meet Sage at the Boston Workshop

Hey all, 

I'm excited to announce that my friend, and fellow tiny house dweller, Sage Radachowsky (who lives in a tiny gypsy wagon in Boston that he built), will be one of a few guest speakers will join us at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Boston May 19th and 20th

Sage walks the walk, raises chickens, keeps bees, and lives partially off the land in the city- yes, in Boston. He'll have some very interesting stories of his run-ins with inspectors, the law, and more, while doing what he does, where he is, and how he wants. He spoke with me at Walden Woods last year for a "Tiny House Seminar" I headed, and it drew THREE TIMES the crowd the park hoped for (and now they want to make it a yearly event)- score one for the tiny house movement! This guy will be a big draw at the Boston Workshop so make sure to get your tickets ordered quickly!

Here is a video tour about Sage and his gypsy wagon that videographer Steven Sherrick and yours truly shot. More on Sage can be found at and You'll love this guy- he's all heart. 

Written by Derek Diedricksen — April 25, 2012

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How To Downsize Your Home - Part 1


I'm Alex Pino and I presented at the Tumbleweed Miami Tiny House Workshop about minimalist living. Every Monday please join me for a new post about minimalism with practical tips and strategies to create a less cluttered life. After you read this post, you'll get to grasp some of the ideas that I shared and how you can put them into practice today and experience real results.

Most of you already know you want to simplify your life. You want less clutter, stuff, square footage, and overall just more freedom. The question is, where are you in regards to that right now? How much stuff do you have to get rid of now. I was surprised yet relieved when I found out that some of the people who were attending the workshop came from a family of hoarders and that they had tons of work to do before they could ever consider themselves “simple” or even “minimalist”.

What's really stopping you from getting rid of your clutter?

Most of us know that we want simpler lives already we just haven't gotten ourselves to take action towards it yet, but why not? Could it be that giving ourselves a powerful enough reason to start is harder than actually doing it? I think so. One way to overcome this is to dig deep within yourself and figure out why the heck you really want this freedom that you're looking for. Freedom itself is just way too general. So let's get more specific.

Do you want to move into a tiny house because you want to change your career, hate your job, don't like where you live, are frustrated with corrupt corporations, or maybe just because you just want to spend more time with the people in your life? Take your time with this because only something this meaningful will give you the power to separate yourself from your stuff. I believe that these are the “juicy” ideas that give you the drive to part with your unimportant stuff and keep it that way.

This is also the driving force that will get you to build your home and make this dream of yours a reality... step by step. Open up a blank word document on your computer right now and make ten bullet points then list some exciting goals you have, which you haven't yet achieved. Goals that excite you.

Here are five of my own exciting goals which help drive me towards “minimalism”, yours might be different:

  • To travel throughout the United States
  • To build and live in a mortgage-free tiny house
  • To enjoy fun times with my niece and nephews
  • To live out of a backpack and travel around for 3 months
  • To inspire and help other people who want to simplify and live more passionately

Do you see how these goals I have for myself might create a little leverage for me? For example, if I want to help other people simplify, I should do it myself, too. I might like having three computers right now, but will that get me the excitement to live out of a backpack and travel for several months? Nope. So I've got work to do, too!

Common mindsets that will not serve you when simplifying

Here are some of the common mindsets that I've found which have kept people like you and me from freeing ourselves from our clutter:

  • “I might need this [widget] later and I paid good money for it in [year].”
  • “This was my grandfather's first television, and he was in the Cold War.”
  • “These are worth $3 each on eBay and I have 100 of them.”
  • “My storage unit is packed from the floor to the roof, where do I even begin?”

Notice the difference between these bullet points (excuses) and the ones above (goals). Everyone has excuses because they're easy to create. Choose to focus on goals instead because they give you the mental power to move forward instead of one step forward, and two steps back, like some folks do (including myself at times).

Stay tuned for Part II of this post next week! 

Alex Pino is an authorized Tumbleweed Tiny House affiliate who blogs about tiny houses and simple living over at

Written by Alex Pino — April 23, 2012

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How To Completely Simplify your Wardrobe Right Now.

I'm Alex Pino from Tiny House Talk and on this blog post I'm going to show you how to simplify your wardrobe right now, if you want to. It's up to you whether you commit to doing it or not, but this is a super easy way to do it which has worked for me and a bunch of other people I know. On April 14-15, 2012, I'll be a guest speaker at Tumbleweed's tiny house workshop with Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen and I'll be sharing more tips on simplifying there.

Step 1: Find Your Outcome

What do you want your wardrobe to be like? If you're like me, you crave a closet that is super simple and only contains what you absolutely love and want to use. So let's make it happen! Visualize that picture in your mind of YOUR closet... Simplified. With only the clothes that makes you happy and feels comfy.

Step 2: Gather Favorites

I'm going to make this super easy for you. All you have to do to find your favorite clothes is get ALL of your laundry done. Be sure it's empty and that all of your clothes are put away completely. Do it today. Right now, if you can. Come on, if you're home.. go get that laundry done. For the next 3-4 days whatever lands in your laundry basket are your favorites. These are the clothes you want to be sure to keep. The rest, is questionable and needs to be piled in categories.

Step 3: Create Keep/Give/Sell Piles

Alright so you've got your favorites safely kept away. This should only be 3-4 days worth of clothes. The rest is just too much! If you're in a tiny house, you don't need THAT much clothes! Now set up three piles.

Keep Pile

Seasonal clothing goes in your keep file along with whatever else you might need on occasion. This might not be everyday clothes, but ones that you'd miss if you got rid of because you NEED them. You're probably going to run into lots of sentimental clothing items that you DON'T NEED. If you want, keep them in storage. But another option is to “digitalize” them by taking a photo you can keep and then emailing it to yourself and keeping it in your email archive. This way you can look at it whenever/wherever.

Give Pile

Your give pile is for clothes that's pretty worn and of pretty low value. You can also use the give pile if you don't want to spend that much time doing this because selling your clothes for money takes a little bit of extra effort. You can take this pile to a church, Salvation Army, and a number of other places, neighborhoods, family members, friends in need, and organizations that help.

Sell Pile

Alternatively you can sell your slightly used clothing in a number of ways. You can have a garage/yard sale or you can list your clothing one by one on eBay to get a few dollars for each item. You can also drop your clothes off at a resale/consignment shop specifically for pre-owned clothes.

Step 4: Take Action and Finish!

Now that you've got your piles you're ready to begin taking action. Store the clothes that you're keeping and begin to process your give and sell piles until you've finished. If you have a lot of clothes to shed off, simply pace yourself. Some people need a month or two because they have so much while others can do it all in a weekend. If you want to join us in Miami for the April 14-15, 2012 tiny house workshop click here to register and I'll look forward to seeing you there. If you want to learn more about me, you can visit my about page on Tiny House Talk, where I've been blogging about tiny houses, simple living, and achieving more freedom since 2009.

If you enjoyed this post, use the social buttons to “Like” and share and then talk about it in the comments. Thanks!


Alex Pino is an authorized Tumbleweed Tiny House affiliate. He blogs about tiny houses and minimalism at Tiny House Talk. He will speak at our upcoming Miami workshop. Get your tickets here.

Written by Alex Pino — April 06, 2012

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Wondering if you should attend a Tumbleweed Workshop?

Have you been wondering if going to a Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Workshop is beneficial for you? Well, check out this video from one of our satisfied attendees. We've discovered that many of our customers who've built their own Tumbleweed house finally took the leap after attending a workshop. Watch the video and then check out our current workshop list here.

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — April 06, 2012

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