Handyman Wanted

We are looking for an experienced carpenter / handyman to help build our homes in Sebastopol. Our builders, Brian and Steve, are building a Fencl right now. Brian is looking for one more person to join the team.

If you are in the Sebastopol, CA area and would like to schedule in interview this week, please take a look at our craigslist ad.

Written by Steve Weissmann — May 31, 2011

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Host a Tumbleweed Display Model

Be the first to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to host a fully assembled Tumbleweed display model at your location. We're looking to partner with a business that can showcase our very popular Fencl House for 90 days. During that time we'll drive a lot of traffic to your location by advertising your business on our website, which is a $2000 value all by itself.

We'll fully support the showcase by giving you all the sales support merchandise you need. We'll make our best seller Small House Book available to you at our low wholesale rate that you can sell for the cover price, and you'll also sell construction plans to the do-it-yourselfers and earn a commission on each one. Best of all, if you sell the display model you'll earn a commission of up to $4000!

To get the most out of this opportunity, we ask that your business be open at least six days a week and that you have someone available to lock it and unlock it and to keep the unit clean, warm and presentable to customers. To ensure the safety of the unit we require a $500 security deposit, but that can easily be made up by the sale of our books and plans within just the first few days. Theoretically, the Tumbleweed can be showcased anywhere but a location such as a truck and RV dealership would be ideal. However, we are wide open to any creative suggestions, so if you have a hardware store or a lumberyard or maybe a coffee shop with a little extra space in the parking lot and you think you might want to host our display model - we'd love to hear from you!


Written by Steve Weissmann — October 20, 2010

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Logo Contest Finalists

Congratulations to the winners of the logo contest. Originally, we were going to pick our 3 favorite designs and test them on our website. This turned out to be a problem since we like so many of the designs. So, we picked 4 designs. It was certainly a lot of fun, and 2 of the top 4 designs were created by amateurs who learned about the contest from our blog. The other two winners are professional designers. When we selected the winning designs, we didn't know anything about the designers, and it was really exciting to discover that one of them has dreamed about owning a Tumbleweed Home. We also gave prizes to a few of the runners up ... many of whom were also amateur designers.


Vote for your favorite logo

Below are the 4 logos selected with our current logo at the bottom.

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Deciding a winner

Deciding on the final logo will be a long and slow process. Originally, we were going to test all the logos against each other and award the top logo designer a set of plans. However, we decided to award each designer with a set of plans. Woohoo! We'll still test the logos on our homepage. But we also want to hear your feedback. Which is your favorite? You can vote above.

How testing works

Testing logos on the homepage is done with the use of Google Website Optimizer. With it, each visitor will see a randomly displayed logo on the top of the page. From there, we will measure click-through-rate (the % of visitors who will visit a 2nd page on our website). We test all types of things on our website, and in the past I've tested the logos that we designed ourselves. Typically, a logo on the top of the page might not make a huge difference, and it can take up to 1 month to find a definite winner. I'll keep you updated as the testing process moves along.

Written by Steve Weissmann — March 20, 2010

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Logo contest update

In just over 1 day, we've had over 30 entries to our logo contest. Some really great ideas there. And we've been providing feedback to help refine the logos for our final 3 choices.

...more entries using our favorite pictures

However, almost all the logos have been of the same style. We are hoping to have more entries using our favorite pictures. If you're thinking about designing a logo, but don't feel the creative style, please work with these suggestions. 1. Create a logo using one of our 3 favorite images: the gothic window, the Weebee at Sunset, or the Lusby at the Valley Ford Rush Minute. 2. Create a long horizontal logo that will stretch across the top of our website that has our name and 3 of our houses, so it looks like a scene. Here is a really bad example. Obviously, the backgrounds would need to blend together. It could be set against a night sky with all 3 houses shown.

All the files needed are available at 99designs.com Good luck! Can't wait to see the results.

Written by Steve Weissmann — March 04, 2010

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Tumbleweed Logo Contest

Over $1000 worth of cash and prizes to the top 3 logo designs.

We are holding a contest for our new logo on 99designs.com. Prize money is $150, $100, and $50 cash prize to our 3 favorite entries. After we have selected the top 3 choices, they will be tested on our website for 2 weeks with the winner of that contest earning a free set of home plans to build a Tumbleweed Tiny House (details listed below).

Rules: Visit 99designs.com for the "brief" on the logo contest.

All designs must be submitted to 99designs.com in order to be eligible for the cash prize. Once we have 3 designs, we will create 3 different homepages for our website. Each homepage will feature a different logo. We will use google website optimizer to rotate the 3 pages and measure the click through rate of the 3 different pages. Whichever page has the best click through rate at the end of 14 days (or when 1 design reaches a 90% confidence level as the winner) will get their choice of plans from the following list: XS-House, Epu, Weebee, Lusby, Tarelton, Fencl, Bodega, Loring, Harbinger, Enesti or B-53. We will pay up to $25 of shipping cost. Anything over $25 to be paid by winner.

Written by Steve Weissmann — March 02, 2010

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