Christmas Decor for Tiny House RVs

It doesn't take much for this Tiny to look festive! Photo credit

Shrink holiday decor without shrinking holiday cheer!

Decorating a Tiny House RV requires ingenuity and creativity. Try utilizing all five sense when decorating your tiny space: smell, touch, sight, sound and taste. Consider alternatives - do you really need a humongous Christmas tree to enjoy your holiday? It's time to get creative.

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This Christmas, think tiny!   

When it comes to decorating a tiny space, a little goes a long way. For classy decor, keep your decorations simple and sparse. Combine a few of the following "simple decor ideas" this Christmas in your Tumbleweed. 

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Simple Decor Ideas:

  • Attach two or three strands of LED or Solar Powered Christmas lights to your tiny roof. Because two or three is all you need! 
  • Hang a holiday wreath on your door to create a festive entrance way.
  • Hang a mistletoe in your loft.

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  • Collect pinecones and spray paint them with festive colors, frost paint and/or glitter. Display them around your Tiny House RV or create a tiny DIY Christmas tree.
  • Frost your windows
  • Hang faux snow flakes from your ceiling

Jenna & Guillaume's Tumbleweed decor: Christmas candle, holiday cookies and sweaters!

  • Purchase a holiday scented candle to fill your tiny space with a Christmas aroma
  • Bake holiday cookies or hang candy canes. The aroma and occasional treat will stimulate your sense of taste.  
  • Hang jingle bells on your doorknob to ring in some Christmas cheer

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  • Gingerbread house. What could be more fun (or ironic) than creating a miniature gingerbread Tiny House RV? Your tastebuds will appreciate the holiday cheer!

Christmas Tree Options for Tiny House RVs

A standard Christmas tree can overpower the useable space in your Tiny House RV, but don’t worry, we've listed a few creative alternatives that still embodied the Christmas spirit.

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  • DIY Wall Mounted Tree. Create wall art in the shape of a tree. Use branches, ornaments, or a single stand of lights! The kids will love this DIY project.

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Purchase a canvas and let your kids paint their own Christmas tree or make one with sticky felt pieces. You can create a collage of items found outdoors, old jewelry pieces, quotes from your favorite story book or lyrics from your favorite Christmas carols. The options are limitless! 

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Photo credit

  • Edible Christmas Tree. The best part about this Christmas tree is that you don’t have to throw it away or store it! Keep a bag of truffles to replace the ones you eat. This tree will just keep giving!
  • Outdoor Christmas Tree. Why not decorate a living tree in your front yard? Get as elaborate as you want! You can even choose a tree larger that your Tiny House RV. 

A miniature tree in Brittany's Bayside Bungalow

  • Miniature Tree / Plant. Purchase a small house plant and decorate it as your Christmas tree. After the holidays it will continue to act as everyday decor, or plant it outside. 

Are you planning on celebrating Christmas in your Tiny House RV? Submit your photos to We’ll share them on the Tumbleweed Facebook page!


Jenna BioJenna Spesard is currently living and traveling around North America in a DIY Tumbleweed Cypress with her partner, Guillaume. They are photographing and writing about Tiny Homes and their adventure. Follow their informative blog. 

Written by Jenna Spesard — December 08, 2015

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Tiny Tree Solutions

This year, my mom decided she'd rather not deal with a Christmas tree. At first, I was crushed-I'm not a Christmas fanatic, but I have some pretty solid positive associations with the smell of pine and the warm glow of colorful lights. 

Then I thought about how crazy it is to buy a dead tree, and how little time we'd actually use it before throwing it in the alley, and how many needles trees leave all over the place. Avoiding all of those complications started to make a little sense. 

Still, I had one remaining objection- I'd made ornaments as Christmas gifts for my family. If we didn't get some kind of tree, we'd have nowhere to display my creative generosity and artistic skill!

I don't live in a tiny house, but I figured that this would be the time for a tiny alternative tree. Here was our compromise: 

Tiny TreeCheck out that style! 

It's actually a rosemary plant, which is pretty great- it smells awesome, and we can put it in our garden in the spring. We found it at Trader Joes for under $10. 

Here are some other tiny tree ideas that I brainstormed. They can support ornaments, smell good, and are cool year round:

-The cut top of a tree, stuck into some foam or a pot of dirt

-A brussel sprout stalk

-A multi-armed cactus

-A bonsai tree

-A beautiful branch

-Other small potted trees- living trees that can be replanted outside are a great idea 

It's probably too late this year, but whether you live in a tiny house, apartment, dorm room, or normal sized space, a tiny tree is a great alternative. To me, my tiny rosemary tree represents simplicity, responsibility, and future possibilities of roasted potatoes. It's about time. 

Written by Nara Williams — December 21, 2012

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