Hands on six houses, one stove, two builds

Why not get "hands-on" at a tiny building and designing workshop? It's one thing to imagine building, and quite another to try it yourself. Head over to Memphis, TN to meet presenters, see demos, tour six houses, build a rocket stove and help construct two tiny cabins.

At Relaxshack's three day gathering, you won't be relaxing at all. You will learn about affordable building, design and decor from host Derek Diedricksen plus many other tiny builders, bloggers and dwellers. To claim your workshop spot, taking place April 11-13th, sign up here.

Joe Everson's Tennessee Tiny Homes is the workshop location

A Real Building Site:  Just outside Memphis, Tennessee Tiny Homes builds on its six-acre site. It's where the hands-on workshop takes place, so you may view six cabins and other projects underway. There's inspiration from seeing new and salvaged materials used in these builds. You may also camp out there!

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Written by Debby Richman — March 03, 2014

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Deek-orating in Small Spaces

Derek Diedricksen is a tiny house expert, salvager, artist, videographer, author and Relaxshacks impresario. We welcome Deek's decor tips which he shares here, and you'll find more in Humble Homes, Simple Shacks. Take it away, Deek.

Check out Deek's latest videos and posts at Relaxshacks.com

Six Simple Decor Tips

I've used many of these in budget-tight builds and more....

1. Don't be scared of re-purposing an old, or even a free-salvaged piece.

Many of the decorative items in my own home, and in the tiny houses, cabins, and shelters I build for clients have been scavenged roadside. "Trash Picker" you may be thinking/judging, but heck no, more like "Cash Picker" - I've sold SO many of these re-purposed items on craigslist to build funds for my projects. This not only saves you a bundle of money and keeps certain items out of the waste stream, but it serves to give your house a unique and often one-of-a-kind look. Sick of having the same exact furniture as half the neighbors on the block? Well here's your chance for individuality, creativity, and saving money.

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Written by Derek Diedricksen — March 03, 2014

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