KCI Buying Materials

I am good friends with all the big box stores and all the small hardware stores in town.  I go at least once a day to pick things up.  When people say they use scavenged or recycled items, I wonder if they have been collecting things for years or if they have a huge garage that they can rummage through to find what they need.  Sure I'm going to be furnishing the place with used furniture and dishes because I can do that over time, and the local 2nd hand stores have a lot of items to choose from.

Aside from Habitat for Humanity's Restore where do I find "on-demand" building supplies?  Craig's list has been a total bust for me.  Again, if I'd been gathering things over the last few years, I'd be good.  Alas I didn't.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — September 03, 2010

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KCI Celebrating their hard work

We celebrated the end of the school build with a pizza party for both classes.  It was a small way to thank the students for all their hard work.  They were amazing. As well we often had little house groupies show up to see what had been accomplished on various days.

Lab technicians from the hospital would walk over to see what was happening, the custodians came down, and teachers and secretaries dropped by.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — September 01, 2010

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KCI Installing the flooring in the loft

Two of the students were hired to keep working on the fencl parked in my driveway. The guys installed the loft flooring, but it was a bit short.  Only a mattress will fit on top of it. There wouldn't even be a place to put a book down, so  they're going to add another foot, and we've got plenty of spare wood, so it's worth doing.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — August 30, 2010

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KCI Moving it through the city

Moving the tiny house through the city was not a problem. It was like the tree branches had been cut to accommodate its height exactly.  We had to move it with only a partially constructed roof, but it still went off without a hitch.  Surprisingly few people even gave it a second glance.  It's not like you see a house move everyday, but apparently people in this town are blasé.

A friend from school did the hauling, and he's even offered to drive it to my parent's place all for the low low price of lunch and gas money. I love folks. Bernie backed it into my driveway without even having to make one correction. It's like he's a professional tiny house hauler.

When it arrived at my house, the neighbours were all intrigued.  I'd warned them, but seeing it close up is a whole other story.  There were many jokes about who's getting kicked out of the main house, and since my husband is currently away meditating for ten days, he took the brunt of the jokes.

Kids are most intrigued, and people are amazed at how roomy it is.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — August 29, 2010

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KCI The school year ended

Clearly we didn't finish the entire project within the school year, but we did finish a good chunk of it.  I've hired a few of the students to complete the project.  We were three days still in the shop at school before we put on the roof and moved to my house.

What still needs finishing?

Window – foam insulation

Loft flooring

A few more sheets of plywood on the roof

The post on the porch and the final roof rafter.

Metal roof needs adding


Kitchen cabinets and Livingroom cupboard

I bought doors for the kitchen and livingroom cupboards, so that's a bit of a time saving. They were pretty cheap and they're quite simple shaker style.  I can't wait to actually see these finished. Bob will complete the cabinets at the wood shop, then he'll install them in my driveway.

We had a guy from Ontario hydro (Ontario Safety? Some official name) come out to inspect the electrical and he gave it the thumbs up, so we were able to go ahead and close up the walls.  This was a bit of a nerve wracking process, but ended up being nothing at all, really.

All that worrying for nothing.

Written by Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — August 23, 2010

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