We The Tiny House People Documentary


Grab your popcorn and watch TV producer and Internet-video personality Kirsten Dirksen's new documentary. Guess who her first interview is with?

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — April 30, 2012

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See A Day in the Life of Dee

You will love this video of Dee Williams, produced by the National Building Museum for their "House and Home" exhibit. If you are planning to go to the Santa Fe workshop, Dee will be showing the video and letting you in on all the behind-the-scenes goodness. Why not join us in Santa Fe?

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — April 27, 2012

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"We, The Tiny House People" Documentary Coming Soon


Check out the trailer for "We, The Tiny House People" from filmmaker Kirsten Dirksen. Her foray into the world of the tiny house movement features our very own Austin Hay (who is growing up before our eyes!) in his tiny-house-in-progress. It will be interesting to see the entire documentary when it is completed.  In the meantime, why not get your hands on a set of tiny house plans?

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — April 20, 2012

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Al Jazeera Interview

Written by Steve Weissmann — December 29, 2010

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