In The Tumbleweed Family: New House Names

Meg Stephens, Lead House Designer

Dear Tiny House enthusiasts,

As Tumbleweed’s lead designer, I have been expanding our family of House-To-GoTM models. We think of the family names in two ways:  as external models and internal floor plans.

You asked for flexibility with floor plans and home lengths, and the house names should create a logical way to select from 21 different homes.  

Our exterior models are based on nature.

How do these models differ?  The Elm has a nice porch and iconic lancet window to greet you. Our Cypress features an aesthetically-appealing recessed...

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Written by Debby Richman — October 24, 2013

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Meg’s Desk: Tiny living creates order


Before moving into a tiny home, you may experience some fear, uncertainty and doubt about living successfully there.

As a group, tiny home dwellers seem to be so organized. According to “There is no clutter, everything has it’s place. ‘I hate single use items,’ says Brittany Yunker. ‘You could get this giant thing that crushes garlic for you or you could use a cutting board and knife.’ She isn’t judging. There simply isn’t enough room.”

Chicken or egg: Is it true that people attracted to tiny homes are inherently organized? Or do these homes help people live in a more organized way?...

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Written by Adam Gurzenski — September 22, 2013

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