Meeting Louisiana's Tiny House Expert

Art Cormier is one of those unique, multi-talented guys who grew up surrounded by building projects. Almost two years ago, he built a modified Tumbleweed Elm using SIP walls and roof, 100-year-old Cypress wood for exterior cladding and nice interior finishes.

With obvious building expertise, Art soon teamed alongside our lead designer Meg Stephens to host Tumbleweed's step-by-step construction video. In 2014, Art has agreed to lead several Tumbleweed workshops in the Southeast and attendees are in for a real treat. Let's see Art introducing his tiny house by video, and then ask him a few questions.

Art's Heritage:

1. What's your background?

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Written by Debby Richman — January 16, 2014

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Tiny Holidays Celebrated To Scale

During the 2013 holiday season, we enjoyed how tiny house dwellers and builders celebrated in style. Everything seemed traditional and familiar, yet scaled down a bit for their homes. Take a quick tour below.

Texan, Swedish and tiny traditions here (

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Written by Debby Richman — December 26, 2013

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3 Dream Locations

Where would you put your home?  We realize that placing your tiny home in a nice environment is important, and encourage you to dream here.  While all these settings are sensational, you may prefer solitary time, connections with others, or even yearn for a satellite connection.  Take a look at how others already live off-grid.

Pictured:  A tiny island in the Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Written by Steve Weissmann — December 02, 2013

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