Grist: Is Tiny For You?

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company endorses this new Grist chart because it should make you smile AND address key questions about going tiny. If you are considering full or part-time living in a tiny cottage or house to go, this chart is worth a couple minutes. We also offer our two-cents below.

Should I live in a tiny house?  (Grist, March 2014)

Primary motivations to go tiny

At Tumbleweed, our mission is to help you turn tiny dreams into reality and we're lucky to hear many reasons for going tiny. Your main motivations often include: 

  • Home affordability - having resources to either build or buy
  • Ongoing finances - getting out of a mortgage (or not taking one), changing jobs
  • Home ownership - wanting security of your place, on wheels or foundation
  • Environmental impact - reducing footprint, utility costs, whether on or off-grid
  • Aesthetics - seeking a nice, archetypal home, seeking a simpler mode
  • Adventure - moving elsewhere, wanting a vacation place, new hobbies
  • Life stages - graduating, empty-nesting, returning family, caring for others

Can you leap over the stuff hurdle?

The Grist chart asks about your stuff first, which is a funny yet true gut-check. We laughed because it should be as important as your motivations, philosophies and living priorities. In our culture, stuff is a big deal that fills a house. If you're not ready to store, sell, donate or trash your stuff, then (full-time) living in a tiny house is still a dream.

Written by Debby Richman — March 16, 2014

Filed under: 2014   Downsizing   Managing Stuff   Tiny House Questions  

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