Digital Credit for Real Books You Own With MatchBook

I am SO excited! Since the boom era of the e-readers began a few years ago, I’ve been saying the publishers and retailers need to find a way to make digitizing one’s library more accessible and affordable for book addicts like me. We want to downsize our physical goods but, for those of us with an extensive library, it’s cost prohibitive to re-purchase most or all of our books in digital form.


 Finally Amazon has announced the launch of Kindle MatchBook, an arrangement that lets you purchase the Kindle edition of books you’ve already bought from them in print at a low price. The MatchBook list includes 10,000 titles for which past, present, and future print-edition purchases will allow you to buy the Kindle edition for $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free. Given the number of books in the world, it seems likely the list will grow if the launch is successful. MatchBook offers will include Amazon purchases all the way back to 1995 when the online retailer opened....

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Written by Adam Gurzenski — September 08, 2013

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Group Build 2013: Let The Building Begin!

Hello, Tumbleweed fans!

My name is Sarah. My partner, Joseph and I are Tumbleweed fans too… so much so that we are building one! We are super-excited to be joining two other couples in a group build this summer.

Meet the awesome folks we’ll be building with:

  • Meg and Dan Stephens will be building Meg’s own design, the Tumbleweed Linden. Meg is the rockstar, ahem, in-house architect at Tumbleweed.
  • You may remember Joe and Breanna from their sweet Valentine’s Day story about how a love of Tumbleweed houses actually brought them together. They will be building the classic yet modern Cypress 20 with dormers.
  • And finally, Joseph and I can’t wait to get started building the tiny house of our dreams, a modified Cypress 20. You can read more about us, and follow our tiny house journey at

Over the next few months we six will be sharing a work site, some tools and resources, and muscles. Each couple will be working mainly on their own house, but we’ll help each other out as needed, with practical things like lifting up the walls, and with the intangibles, like advice and learning from each others’ mistakes. Even as we’re just getting started, it’s also nice to know that there are others in this with us.

We’ll be reporting back to you every week or so about our progress, what we’re learning about building, and about building with a group.


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Written by Adam Gurzenski — July 21, 2013

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Tiny House Living Series: Q and A



This series discusses the “What”, the “How” and “Why” of Tiny House Living

The tiny house living concept raises a lot of questions for tiny house visionaries on their quest for freedom, simplicity, and personal fulfillment. In this series we answer some of their queries and explore the lifestyle a little more deeply.

We hope you find this series enjoyable, thoughtful and thought-provoking!

Tiny House Living: Cost Versus Lifestyle Value

At some point, people new to the tiny house living always ask the same question: “Is it cheap to build a tiny house because it’s so small?”...

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Written by Adam Gurzenski — April 25, 2013

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The Other Freedoms of Tiny Houses

The Other Freedoms of Tiny Houses

‘Financial freedom’ is a phrase rooted in the appeal of tiny houses. I used it before I lived in mine because not many people seem to have it, and it was a great reason to give to inquiring minds that must know why the heck you want to build this unusually small house.

It sounds good, ‘financial freedom’, doesn’t it? But though I used the term frequently, I couldn’t know what it would mean to me in real life terms because I wasn’t there yet. Now that I live tiny full time, I am slowly understanding the weight of this, and just how few people really do have it.

The freedom that tiny houses allow isn’t just financial, it’s a full circle of inter-connected possibilities that exemplify the word and absolutely blow my mind. I could write a novel, but here are just a few of the freedoms I find living tiny.

Freedom to Change

I can change things now that would have seemed unchangeable to me with the strings of my conventional life. I can change the position of my house with the seasons or move across the country and take that same house with me.

I have already changed the way I live and think and I’m able to start changing habits that were making me unhappy; I am clean and tidy in my house, I make lists and get way more done. My new part-time job with Tumbleweed that I love is all I need to do because my overhead is so low.

The initial changes of committing to—and building—a tiny house broke the stagnation that held me back and set me on a path of forward movement....


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Written by Adam Gurzenski — April 17, 2013

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Meet Adam Nelson

I met a visitor in the Tumbleweed office today named Adam Nelson. We sat together for a while to talk about his idea of the perfect spot to live in his Tumbleweed, a Lusby that will be delivered May 25th. After chatting with him, we decided to send out a message on his behalf to our Tumbleweed folks in his neighborhoAdam Nelson is waiting anxiously for his Lusby to be delivered!od to see if we could help him find his dream spot.

 Adam works in Clive and would love to walk or bike to work, so his ideal location would be somewhere in the west side of Des Moines within 20 miles of Clive, the closer the better. The space would need to be available at the end of May, and if everything else works out well he sees himself living there for a year or two. He's a quiet guy who doesn't expect to entertain frequently, so he just needs one parking space for himself and access to one extra spot occasionally for a visitor. He's incredibly easy going, and couldn't think of anything in particular that would disqualify a potential locale, but I finally got him to tell me any illegal activity on the property would be a deal breaker.

 He has no idea what kind of rent rate people would be looking for but he would be delighted to pay less than $400 per month if possible. He would consider being on call for a little work trade to offset his expenses and his offerings could include dog sitting, watching over the property during the owner's absence, and potentially making his professional skills available for things like occasional contract reviews and legal work, speeches, arguing things, or any tasks involving reading, writing and researching. He is allergic to cats, so if you have a cat in your house, he would not be able to hang out in your home or let your cat hang out in his little house.

On a personal note, I enjoyed Adam's company and found him to be warm-hearted, positive, cheerful, articulate, and just a very personable guy all around. If you or someone you know is in the right neighborhood and could use some extra income and the inspiring daily vision of a Lusby in your yard, get in touch with us at spot"at"tumbleweedhouses"dot"com

-Pepper Clark
Workshop Presenter / Designer

Written by Adam Gurzenski — April 02, 2013

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