In The Tumbleweed Family: New House Names

Meg Stephens, Lead House Designer

Dear Tiny House enthusiasts,

As Tumbleweed’s lead designer, I have been expanding our family of House-To-GoTM models. We think of the family names in two ways:  as external models and internal floor plans.

You asked for flexibility with floor plans and home lengths, and the house names should create a logical way to select from 21 different homes.  

Our exterior models are based on nature.

How do these models differ?  The Elm has a nice porch and iconic lancet window to greet you. Our Cypress features an aesthetically-appealing recessed...

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Written by Debby Richman — October 24, 2013

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Tumbleweed Internship

Nicola started off as an intern and is now working in the office full time.

Nicola started off as an intern and is now working in the office full time.
Read about Nicola’s journey

We are eagerly seeking a passionate tiny house fan with a degree in architecture, construction management, or civil / structural engineering. Tumbleweed recently became a nationally certified manufacturer of tiny homes; this has opened the door for a lot of exciting opportunities going forward because our tiny homes on wheels now fit neatly inside building and zoning codes. To learn more about this opportunity click here…

Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 27, 2013

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3D Models Contest

New to the Tumbleweed Website – 3D Interactive Models of Tumbleweed Cottages!


Have fun designing and furnishing your own virtual small space! This new feature on the Tumbleweed website allows you to view your space from all directions and to learn which cottage would be the best fit for your lifestyle. Perfect for dreamers, planners and those already in the construction process!



 Tumbleweed’s own Austin Hay used the Enesti floorplan
to create his own design with incredible results...

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Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 24, 2013

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3D Contest: And The Winner Is!!

The results are in!

First Place: Z-Glass, Second Place: Cypress 20; Third Place: Whidbey

See Larger Images Of The Winning Designs:


Congratulations to the designer of the Z-Glass, you have won yourself a set of plans, tickets to a workshop and the new Tumbleweed Construction Video. We hope this will help you on your path to building your very own tiny house. 

Thank you to all of you who designed and entered your house into the contest! 

Have you designed your own House-to-Go or Cottage 3d-Design?

Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 11, 2013

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A Big Solution for Tiny Houses

Building codes currently prevent us from building a house as small as we want to. We drove around that problem 12 years ago by putting the first Tumbleweed Tiny House on wheels. Now we’re parking our tiny houses squarely within building and zoning codes with our new nationally certified Tiny House RVs.  Our RVs meet over 500 safety codes of electrical, plumbing, construction, heating and fire safety.

Just like you'd expect, you can get conventional financing and insurance on your certified Tumbleweed. And it can be had for as little as $400 per month.


Attention to detail is still the hallmark in every hand crafted Tumbleweed built in our licensed Colorado facility. These days they’re also inspected and tested to meet over 500 safety and building code regulations (NFPA 1192) – and yeah, this house RVs can still travel anywhere.

Written by Steve Weissmann — August 09, 2013

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