Wondering if you should attend a Tumbleweed Workshop?

Have you been wondering if going to a Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Workshop is beneficial for you? Well, check out this video from one of our satisfied attendees. We've discovered that many of our customers who've built their own Tumbleweed house finally took the leap after attending a workshop. Watch the video and then check out our current workshop list here.

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — April 06, 2012

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The Virtual Tumbleweed Contest

I have been really enjoying the Pinterest boards that so many of you have sent my way. You fine, Tumbleweed lovin' folk are a pretty creative lot! Now's your chance to really show off your virtual Tumbleweeds. Enter your Pinterest board in our Virtual Tumbleweed Contest. Here's how to enter:

  1. Start a board on Pinterest with 'Tumbleweed' in the title.
  2. Grab an image from our website of your favorite Tumbleweed model.
  3. Add as many images as you like to express your idea of the perfect Tumbleweed. Click on above image to see a Pinboard for some ideas.
  4. Once you've started a board, leave a comment on this post with a link to the board.
We'll be accepting admissions starting today through Monday, April 9th, 2012. On Wednesday, April 11th, we'll post the top 10 boards and let the our readers decide who has built the best virtual Tumbleweed. The winner will be announced on Friday April 13th, 2012.
Now for the good stuff: the prize package! The winner will receive an autographed copy of the Small House Book, a copy of the DIY book, a set of Popomo & Zinn plans and our limited edition Hollyhock poster. Sweet! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. If you can imagine yourself in a Tumbleweed, you are halfway there.


Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — April 06, 2012

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Sneak Peek into a Tumbleweed Workshop!

For those of you who haven't attended a Tumbleweed Workshop yet, we have a sneak peek for you! We captured a couple of presentations given by our amazing workshop hosts in Seattle, Dee Williams and Derek "Deek" Diedricksen.

Dee shared her expertise on how to build a sturdy tiny house for any type of weather. Dee built her tiny house in the Pacific Northwest and is currently helping with the build of a Tumbleweed in Hawaii so she understands how to build for various climates. Deek shared his knowledge of money saving tips in building tiny houses. He has saved thousands of dollars in the building process of several Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

There is so much to learn at a Tumbleweed workshop. Find one in your area!

Take a peek...

Written by Bridget Thornton — April 06, 2012

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Save Big Money on Windows for Your Tiny House.

This week, Derek "Deek" Diedricksen shares a huge money-saving tip when building your Tumbleweed Tiny House. Learn how to save BIG MONEY on windows for your Tumbleweed in another one of Deek's awesome how-to videos.

Written by Bridget Thornton — April 06, 2012

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Tool Lending Libraries Save You Money!

Even though our Tumbleweed small house plans only require 14 tools, we know that buying new tools can be expensive. You'll also want to save on storage space after you move into your new Tumbleweed so what's a tiny house builder to do? We have the answer for you – Tool Lending Libraries!

If you haven't heard of tool lending libraries then you're missing out on a great way to save a lot of money on your tiny house build and storage space. These libraries are similar to book libraries except you check out a saw, hammer, or ladder instead of Hemingway, Walden or Thoreau. You can choose from hundreds of tools table saws, sanders, screwdrivers, power washers, and garden tools and most libraries keep their tools in excellent condition. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your build this way.

Here is a list of tool lending libraries in some major cities across the country. We'll continue to add to this list and if you have one in your city that we've missed, please add it to the comments! 


Berkeley, CA at the Public Library

Check out the rave reviews on Yelp!

Oakland, CA

San Francisco, CA

Santa Rosa, CA


Boulder, CO


Atlanta, GA


Cedar Rapids, IA


New Orleans, LA


Baltimore, MD


Gross Pointe, MI


Santa Fe, NM 


Manhattan, NY


Charlotte, NC


Central Ohio

Cincinnati, OH


Portland, OR (NE)

Portland, OR (SE)


Philadelphia, PA


Seattle, WA

Written by Bridget Thornton — March 28, 2012

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