Steve N. builds tiny house


After attending the design workshop in Sebastopol, Steve N. built his own tiny house. The design was his own creation.

The Tiny House Blog has several pictures as well.

Written by Steve Weissmann — February 05, 2009

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Man throws nothing away for 1 year.

Sustainable Dave, as he's known, and his family are leading by example. For 1 year, he threw nothing away. Visit his blog to learn more.

Written by Steve Weissmann — December 23, 2008

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Cathy's Lusby


Congratulations to Cathy from Brookings, Oregon.

"I love all the wood - the look and the smell. The owner of the RV park got a real kick out of my first month's electric bill - $1.60! Yes, you read that correctly, one dollar and sixty cents! I keep the place lighted at night with one 60 watt bulb in a fixture pointed at the ceiling. It is a lovely, warm light. The heater works well and the water heater as well." - Cathy

Written by Steve Weissmann — December 08, 2008

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Tiny Houses on CNN

Can you believe that Jay's appearance on CNN drew over four times as much website traffic as his Oprah appearance? Thank you CNN.

Written by Steve Weissmann — December 02, 2008

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Suggest a Location

Where should host an open house in your city?

Please let us know where you think we should stop on our tour and have an open house. We're not familiar with many of the towns we're visiting, and we're looking for feedback on where to host the open house when we are in your neck of the woods. Examples:

  • At the Walmart in Santa Cruz
  • At the xyz park in Santa Barbara
  • Please let us know if you can grant permission to be there (you work there or own the property). Ideally any suggested location will have ample parking.

    Written by Steve Weissmann — June 10, 2008

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