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Written by Steve Weissmann — July 27, 2011

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Collin & Joanna Settle In.

You've probably asked yourself the same question that Collin and Joanna  asked themselves as they settle in to their Tumbleweed: Where in the world am I going to put my stuff? Find out how they managed to fit their lives in side a tiny home here. Make sure to watch the video to see how they pulled it all together.

p.s. You know the Vardo is back, right? Take advantage of our sale on the plans here.

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — July 01, 2011

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The Vardo is back!

Did you hear the news about the Vardo? It's back and better than ever! We are running a special on these cool plans, just $15.95. It't the easiest Tumbleweed to build, with the most flexibility. Get yourself a copy of the plans today.

Hurry, the sale ends July 8th, 2011.

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — June 28, 2011

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Checking in with Austin.

Austin may be our youngest Tumbleweed builder, but his drive and enthusiasm speak to a maturity far beyond his years. It's been a while since we checked in on his progress so I thought I'd show you a few images of his build. I spoke to Austin at our last open house and he promises to have some fresh images for us soon. In the meantime, check out his great gallery here.

Written by Brett Torrey Haynes — June 27, 2011

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Fun in Olympia

This weekend we were in Olypmia, Washington for a workshop. We choose Olympia because our very first customer ever, Dee Williams, has done an amazing job promoting tiny houses in her area.

Dee invited the entire class to come see her tiny Tumbleweed, and shared her story about living in a tiny home. I really enjoyed hearing Dee share her story about the Jay Leno Show. Recognizing that she was going to be seen by millions, she panicked that her house may not be legal. In a rush, she called the building department the day before taping the show. A very confused building department employee called her back within 24 hours and said everything was OK. So, with full confidence, she was all set to go and tell her story to the world ... only to be bumped last minute because Lindsey Lohan made a surprise appearance after getting out of rehab! Dee is still waiting for Leno to call back.

Written by Steve Weissmann — June 26, 2011

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