An Antique Tiny House on Wheels, From 1929

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses has received word that we're not quite the first house on wheels.  Today we learned about Charles Miller, who built and parked his very own Model-T home in Odgen, UT.  This 1929 cottage-to-go is a stunner!

Model T Motor Home built in Ogden, Utah (
Model T Motor Home built in Ogden, Utah (

In this classic farm cottage, we appreciate the roof line, finished porch, well-proportioned front door and over-sized windows.  This archetypal home... Read More

Written by Debby Richman — December 02, 2013

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Your Inspiring Tiny Thanksgiving Ideas

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Your sister, brother-in-law and niece are visiting you and your tiny home this evening. How will you entertain everyone? What will you make for dinner?

Gourds set the mood (flickr/nickshadel)

Gourds set the mood (flickr/nickshadel)

Tumbleweed Houses recently posed these questions to Facebook visitors and discovered how you would celebrate in a cute little place.

Along with cheeky suggestions for reservations, we received a flood of heartfelt and creative responses for enjoying the holidays. Square footage didn’t really change how you mingle with family or friends.

Call us impressed! With so many delectable ways to give thanks, here are the most inspiring ideas to chew on.

Thanksgiving Eve and Day Ideas

Turkey Fry - “Deep fry the turkey outside, make remaining dinner inside, set the table outside with a nicely set table weather permitting of course. If not a small folding table inside with names written on small white pumpkins as place setting. Precook ... Read More

Written by Debby Richman — November 26, 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving in a Tiny Kitchen

Thanksgiving in a tiny house doesn’t mean a tiny holiday.  A well designed small kitchen is fully capable of creating fluffy mashed potatoes, juicy turkey and all the fixin’s in a space the size of Martha Stewart’s stove top. Here are Tumbleweed’s holiday tips, for a fabulous Thanksgiving in your tiny space!

The Menu
What is your “must have” Thanksgiving dish? Mashed potatoes? Homemade pumpkin pie? Make this decision first and then build the rest of your menu around it. For example, my stuffing will use the oven until show time which, in turn, informs my decisions about turkey and sides.

Thanksgiving can be welcoming and festive in any home.

Small refrigerators, like those in most of Tumbleweed models, CAN hold a 20 lb turkey. Unfortunately, there will not be room for anything else. Instead select... Read More

Written by Bernadette Weissmann — November 24, 2013

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In The Tumbleweed Family: New House Names

Meg Stephens, Lead House Designer

Dear Tiny House enthusiasts,

As Tumbleweed’s lead designer, I have been expanding our family of House-To-GoTM models. We think of the family names in two ways:  as external models and internal floor plans.

You asked for flexibility with floor plans and home lengths, and the house names should create a logical way to select from 21 different homes.  

Our exterior models are based on nature.

How do these models differ?  The Elm has a nice porch and iconic lancet window to greet you. Our Cypress features an aesthetically-appealing recessed...

Read More

Written by Debby Richman — October 24, 2013

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A Tiny House Couple with Giant Dreams

Guillaume and Jenna are building a Tumbleweed tiny home and sharing their journey. Pepper Clark, our popular workshop leader and tiny home expert, has been in their shoes and decided to chat directly with these “incredibly inspiring tiny house folks.”
Have you ever met people with such enchanting visions of the future that talking to them makes you want to dance? I recently spent time with Guillaume and Jenna, a dynamic duo building a tiny house in LA. They’re committed professionals in their 20′s who have been gainfully employed at work that paid the bills, but didn’t inspire them creatively. 
Framing the right wall (courtesy, Tiny House Giant Journey)

Framing the right wall (courtesy, Tiny House Giant Journey)

Like many idealists attracted to the tiny house idea...
Read More

Written by Debby Richman — October 20, 2013

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