See Guillaume Build His Dream Tiny House

Sometimes just the right person comes along, who's devoting nearly full-time to building a Tumbleweed and is a professional photographer. That person is Guillaume Dutilh, who has documented each step of the way. He and Jenna Spesard are embracing their Tiny House Giant Journey, and it's time to share their progress and key building stages. 

Guillaume and his brother are enjoying rafter work  (tinyhousegiantdreams,com)

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Written by Debby Richman — December 10, 2013

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Finding Purpose

In October of 2011, Molly Baker and fellow Outdoor Research Ski Ambassador, Zack Giffin, started building their dream home on wheels. Inspired by an introduction to Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, the purpose was to tow their cozy cabin around to North America’s most coveted mountain passes and ski areas.
Now in their third year of living tiny, our group of winter gypsies shares the experience of living vagrantly from one ski destination to the next, making memories one powder turn at a time. We're fortunate that Molly has agreed to write about many aspects of living tiny and living her dreams for Tumbleweed. She's an inspiration to all of us.
Tumbleweed as a cozy refuge, in the cosmos (photo by Ian Provo)

Living in a tiny home innately frees your time, energy, and space. So, what is it that all of us will choose with this new-found freedom?
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Written by Molly Baker — December 08, 2013

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From Historic Timber to Classic Escape

Here’s a “before and after” cabin renovation that embodies so much of what we love at Tumbleweed. It took absolute determination, belief, preservation, intelligence, grit and creativity.

The Miracle:  What do you get when you combine nearly 200-year old cabin timbers and a retired mathematician?  Nothing short of a miracle cabin that comes to life! Imgur (and Reddit) user Kippies recently shared photos highlighting his father’s 10-year restoration of an...

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Written by Bernadette Weissmann — December 03, 2013

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Your Coding and Zoning Questions, Answered

You likely have heard of Ryan Mitchell already, or read The Tiny Life blog. He wears many tiny house hats as a blogger, author, builder and North Carolina conference leader. He recognized the lack of information about the impact of local building codes and zoning laws on tiny house owners, and published Cracking The Code to fill the gap.


Ryan Mitchell, author of Cracking The Code and blogger at The Tiny Life

Q: Is it possible for would-be tiny home dwellers to live legally in this country?

A: Absolutely! Community leaders are waking up to the fact that people want truly affordable housing... Read More

Written by Debby Richman — December 03, 2013

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3 Dream Locations

Where would you put your home?  We realize that placing your tiny home in a nice environment is important, and encourage you to dream here.  While all these settings are sensational, you may prefer solitary time, connections with others, or even yearn for a satellite connection.  Take a look at how others already live off-grid.

Pictured:  A tiny island in the Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Written by Steve Weissmann — December 02, 2013

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