3D Contest: And The Winner Is!!

The results are in!

First Place: Z-Glass, Second Place: Cypress 20; Third Place: Whidbey

See Larger Images Of The Winning Designs:


Congratulations to the designer of the Z-Glass, you have won yourself a set of plans, tickets to a workshop and the new Tumbleweed Construction Video. We hope this will help you on your path to building your very own tiny house. 

Thank you to all of you who designed and entered your house into the contest! 

Have you designed your own House-to-Go or Cottage 3d-Design?

Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 11, 2013

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Group Build 2013: A Strong Foundation, and a Wall

Hi Tumbleweed fans,

It’s been an eventful month here at our group build site in Sonoma. We’ve been building subfloors onto our trailers and starting to frame our walls.

Dan, Meg, and Sarah insulating the subfloor

Dan, Meg, and Sarah insulating the subfloor

I’m sure we’ll get used to it one day, but for now Joseph and I often find ourselves thinking, “This is actually happening! This is our house!” There is something so special about knowing exactly what is going into every single part of this house–every self-tapping metal screw, piece of plywood, and batt of insulation.

Joseph and the nail gun...

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Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 11, 2013

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A Big Solution for Tiny Houses

Building codes currently prevent us from building a house as small as we want to. We drove around that problem 12 years ago by putting the first Tumbleweed Tiny House on wheels. Now we’re parking our tiny houses squarely within building and zoning codes with our new nationally certified ready-made units.  Our houses meet over 500 safety codes of electrical, plumbing, construction, heating and fire safety.

Just like your neighbors in regular homes, you can get conventional financing and insurance on your certified Tumbleweed. We all know that the average house costs a fortune, but a Tumbleweed can be had for as little as $400 per month – and paid off in half the time of a conventional mortgage.


Attention to detail is still the hallmark in every hand crafted home built in our licensed Colorado facility. These days they’re also inspected and tested to meet over 500 safety and building code regulations (ANSI 119.5 and NFPA 1194) – and yeah, this house can still travel anywhere!

The small house movement is a real solution to our current housing crisis, and now there is a clear path to achieve home ownership. The door is open wide, come on in!

Want to learn more about how this works and what type of home we can build for you? Schedule a free consult by clicking here and finding a time that works for you.

Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 09, 2013

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Brittany’s Fencl Open House

You may have seen pictures of the amazing Fencl Brittany built, but have you ever wanted to see it first hand? Well now you can! Brittany is hosting a 1-day open house next weekend where you can take a look around and ask Brittany your tiny house questions. Brittany learned how to build her lovely house after attending a Tumbleweed workshop, could you be next?


Here’s a message from Brittany with all the details:

Are you interested in exploring, testing, touching, trying, photographing, peeing in (the composting toilet – duh!), measuring & learning more about tiny houses? Then this is for you! Learn about how it was built, why I decided to build it, how it works, what goes in (water, electricity & food) and how it all comes out (gray water, urine-diverting toilet system), and most of all – does it fit YOU? Bring on the questions! Bring a sketchpad, measuring tape & camera & explore this tiny house....

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Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 07, 2013

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Come See This Epu at SolFest 2013

Solfest-Web banner

Unit Front & side Profile

See a Tumbleweed EPU at SolFest 2013,
Saturday, August 17, 2013
Noon - Midnight
Hopland, CA. Click here for directions

The EPU model will be open for tours. Around us will be solar power experts, speakers, workshops, live bands, organic food, beer and wine, all on a beautiful 12-acre organic demo site. See you there!

Written by Adam Gurzenski — August 01, 2013

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