Solar Living Institute Epu

Can 200,000 people fit in one Epu?

Ross Beck and The Solar Living Institute found out that you can — if everyone takes turns! The tiny home at the Solar Living Institute in Northern California is a modified Epu and may hold the record for most visitors ever to a tiny home with approximately 200,000 visitors A YEAR.

And this tiny house wasn't just built for its looks — this incredible Epu was the fully functioning home of Tumbleweed's Ross Beck 5 days a week for two years. At the time, Ross was the Executive Director of the Solar Living Institute. When we asked why Ross chose to live in the tiny home he told us that the Institute “promotes 'sustainable living through inspirational environmental education'. I lived 75 miles from my new office and a 150 mile round trip commute is simply not sustainable living.”

Ross says “In the tiny house, I learned how easy it was to live in such a small carbon footprint, because I had so much less stuff to deal with and everything had its place. I could focus on my projects so much better because of fewer distractions and maintenance. The Tiny House was also easy to heat, fast to cool, and nature was literally only a couple of steps away. I could take off on an adventure at any time because the Tiny House was always ready to go.”

And go it did! It traveled to SolFest just up the road and, in an interesting twist on the mobility aspect of a tiny home that we hadn't heard before, it moved up the hill when the river near-by started to flood. “The process of 'pulling up stakes', securing a few loose items, disconnecting utilities and hitching to a truck, took only 20 minutes or so!”

Ross brings a tremendous skill set and depth of “tiny living” knowledge to the Tumbleweed family from both life experience and his time at the Solar Living Institute. “It is so exciting and rewarding to now be working with Tumbleweed Houses, to be incorporating my interests and experience in housing and construction, energy efficiency and exploration, and sharing it with such a dynamic, like-minded staff.” It is hard to imagine a more perfect fit!

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