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The year was 1999 when our first tiny home was mounted to a trailer. The little home was named Tumbleweed because it had roots and was mobile all at the same time. And in that moment, the seeds for a housing revolution were planted.

Today we help people reach their dreams of downsizing their homes and upsizing their quality of life. Tumbleweed provides training materials, workshops, full plans and support for thousands of people looking to downsize into a Tumbleweed. As the tiny house movement expanded, we worked hard to assist people who didn't have the time or skills to build their own tiny home. In 2013, we became a nationally certified small home builder with over 20 models to choose from. Our business is based in Sonoma, CA and Colorado Springs, CO.

Tumbleweed Cypress Model

What’s A Tiny House?

Today, our House-To-Go models range from 117-172 square feet. We manufacture them in Colorado Springs, CO and they are certified by the RVIA to meet electrical, plumbing, construction, heating and fire safety. For those looking for something larger, we offer cottage plans, ranging from 261 to 874 square feet, which get built by plan buyers and their contractors.

Meeting Tiny Dweller Needs

From attendance at Tumbleweed workshops, and purchases of plans, books and videos, we see an ever-increasing demand and interest in tiny home living. We seem to answer needs for millennials, who aren't interested in taking on mortgages, all the way to baby boomers seeking to eliminate financial and lifestyle burdens. Popular tiny home uses also solve the problem of expanded space, as homeowners seek nice secondary units to place in their backyards: for offices and studios, visitor quarters, aging parents, and even boomerang children. Finally, Tumbleweeds fulfill dreams for people who want to escape to second locations, either seasonally or full-time.

Home Prices

We work with credit unions to provide financing for your Tumbleweed, making it a truly affordable solution. With 10% down, customers pay around $433/month for an 18 ft-long model, at 6% APR based on a 15 year loan. The homes are priced at $57,000 (18 ft long), $60,000 (20 ft long) and $66,000 (24 ft long).

Tumbleweed homes are truly places where you have all your needs met, with over 20 floor plan choices. Full bathrooms, kitchens, heating and AC are included. There are many do-it-yourself customers, who use Tumbleweed plans and attend our workshops to learn how to build. There's a real community of tiny home dwellers who share their knowledge too. The homes cost around $25,000 to $30,000 to build yourself, based on material selections.

The Team

The Tumbleweed team consists of people who have lived the tiny life, and want to share building practices, home designs and home sales. Our leadership group includes President Steve Weissmann, Lead Designer Meg Stephens, Chief Marketing Officer Debby Richman, Head of Customer Service Ross Beck, and Head of Finance Kristi Zurauskas. Many of our team members have built or lived in tiny homes and bring construction, creative, marketing, technology and other talents to the company.

President Steve Weissmann was born in Tiberias, Israel and immigrated to the US when he was 2 years old. He attended UCSD and graduated cum laude with a degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences. In 2005, he became fascinated with downsizing, got rid of most of his possessions and moved into a 400 square foot house. Soon after he discovered Tumbleweed and bought into the little start-up, becoming its 2nd employee and president in early 2007. His efforts related to Tumbleweed helped pioneer the Tiny House landscape. He currently resides in Sonoma, CA with his wife and two kids.

Meet Everyone! Read about our whole Tumbleweed team, including team member roles, backgrounds and favorite Tumbleweed homes. Learn more about the company team members here.


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