Amish Barn Raiser

From Foundation To Sheathing

Follow these steps of a tiny house coming to life, which could take hundreds of hours for a first-time builder. You may choose to complete all of these steps yourself, which is terrific. Or you may choose to start your build based on ordering a Tumbleweed Trailer or full Amish Barn Raiser delivered to your door. The Barn Raiser looks like a house, though is offered as a jump start for your build!

1. Prep trailer

Your trailer supports a home for decades, with powerful brakes, lights, underside flashing and special radial tires. We order new to stay safe.

4. Build roof

The roof is getting fully framed and built above, plus secured with strapping. Roof lines will vary depending on the specific home model.

2. Insulate trailer

The trailer serves as a foundation, so insulation gets installed properly in the trailer bed. A sub-floor is then built over the insulation.

5. Sheath walls

After walls are fully installed, they are sheathed. This OSB zip board sheathing creates an integrated water vapor barrier for the home. 

3. Build walls

Walls are stick-built with care. It's an art to get the measurements right and make space for windows and doors. Each wall is raised and attached.

6. Finish barn raiser

Our barn raiser is sheathed and its roof will get an ice/water shield. Wrapped inside are windows, to be cut out by you. (Finished metal roof is optional.)

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