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Is it possible for the would-be tiny home dweller to live legally in this country?

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Cracking The Code
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Your Coding and Zoning Questions

Q: Is it possible for would-be tiny home dwellers to live legally in this country?
A: Absolutely! Community leaders are waking up to the fact that people want truly affordable housing options and tiny houses fit the bill. While there aren’t any cities that have a formal code for tiny houses, this guide outlines how you can approach this issue, find a pathway and apply for variances to gain legal status.

Q. For builders of houses on wheels, what are the most important things for them to do?
A: There is a lot that goes into building a tiny house. I would say before you do anything, have an informed conversation with your local building code enforcement office about how you can meet building code requirement. Doing this before is important because they may ask you to make certain design or material selections in order to comply with the law.

Q. Do municipalities favor tiny homes with full plumbing and utilities versus off-grid set ups?
A: They strongly favor grid tied homes with full plumbing. In fact, in most places it is illegal to not have full plumbing. To not have it would lead to the house being condemned and you can be arrested for entering your own home!

Q. Tumbleweed sells RVIA certified homes. What key steps should buyers take to park these homes?
A: Do your research ahead of time, as many municipalities have strict restriction on RVs, park models, mobile homes and travel trailers when it comes to zoning and length of stay.

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