Tumbleweed Drop Down and Rolling Ladders

Drop Down Ladder for Vantage plans

Tumbleweed's Vantage plans not only offers a downstairs bedroom for two but also a drop down ladder which provides extra safety, convenience and flexibility. Take a look at how this ladder operates when you push up or pull down into place. Currently, our drop down is only designed for the Elm 24 Vantage and Cypress 24 Vantage floor plans.

Remember your old attic ladder? This specialized ladder folds onto itself and hides away until needed. Our modern version conveniently rests on edge of the downstairs bed, providing stability and support. When extended, it measures 5'11" and enters the upstairs loft area from a side position, making it just a little bit easier to get into (rather than over) the loft.

Rolling Ladder for other loft plans

For all other Elm, Cypress and Linden loft plans, Tumbleweed uses a traditional rolling library ladder to access the loft. These seven-foot ladders move from side to side along the railing, and also pull out from vertical to a comfortable climbing angle. Our beauties also tuck away when not in use, so they won't get in the way or obstruct your view. We think they look great with natural wood or with stains!

Our library rollers are built from USA-made Custom Service Hardware, and we build the ready-made homes with black hardware components. For more details, check out CSH's rolling ladder instructions which show parts and assembly well.

If you plan to build your own tiny home with a nice loft ladder, then consider ordering hardware such as rolling ladder connectors, roll bar, hinges, and end stops - and begin customizing your ladder's look and feel.

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