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Whether you are seeking a Tumbleweed for yourself, you and your spouse/partner, older children, various guests, as a second home or even an income property, your tiny home offers stylish and very nice accommodations. Our homes are truly ready-made, and sleep from two to a family of four.

Buy your own Tumbleweed starting $433/month!
$57,000, 10% down at 6% APR, 15 year loan.

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What are the considerations when buying a Tumbleweed?

All Tumbleweed House-To-Go models are RVIA certified, which delivers financial benefits whether you buy or take out a loan to order your home. Base prices vary by house length, at $57,000 for 18 feet, $60,000 for 20 feet and $66,000 for 24 feet.

The price includes one-year overall and three-year parts warranties, and all the amenities you would expect from a home such as a refrigerator/freezer, light fixtures, appliances, heater, air conditioner and more. Additional charges apply if you select and order optional home features.

Credit cards, cashier checks, wire transfers: Terms are 70% payable upon signing of agreement and 30% due upon completed build. We commit to and begin the build after receiving the initial payment. Your home will be delivered after receiving the final payment.

RV loans: Credit unions offer RV loans over 7-15 years, typically with a 10 or 20% down payment. Monthly payments depend on down payment, loan length and APR rate, and Tumbleweed will work with your lender to help obtain the financing. Click here to learn more about lender requirements...

RV Tax Breaks: Cash buyers may deduct eligible taxes and fees paid on first $49,500 of the purchase price. Individuals with (AGI) incomes up to $125k and joint filers with incomes up to $250k are eligible. RV loan recipients may deduct interest if: (1) RV is used as loan security; (2) RV has basic sleeping, cooking and toilet facilities; (3) RV is rented fewer than 15 days/year; and (4) RV interest expense deductions exceed taxpayer’s standard deductions.

What are the financial benefits of living in a Tumbleweed?

With a dramatically reduced carbon footprint, you will end up saving money on utilities and on overall “stuff” consumption. Our homeowners experience a true sense of financial freedom — and it’s amazing how quickly some people have paid off their homes and live debt free.

Utility costs are are impressively low. In a four-season environment, you may expect to pay around $13/month for propane that’s used for cooking as well as kitchen and shower hot water. Electricity runs $20/month or so, which is used for heat.

Some people seek solar energy, with overall costs that depend on the consistency and intensity of sunlight. Generally it costs $5k upfront for a solar panel and battery pack. If you are interesting in metering solar energy, it may be shared on the grid to eliminate ongoing costs.

Our homes are rated R-20, which is three times more than what’s required in code! They feature spray foam insulation and do very well in extreme climates, whether hot or cold. Both heating and air conditioning are included as standard features.

Of course, other costs are incurred if you are renting property or traveling around the country. For tiny dwellers who place their homes in backyards or other owned properties, then you have created additional space.

Financing Your Tumbleweed: Please reach your credit union or bank and apply for an RV loan.

  • Starting at $57,000 for 18 ft; $433/mo based on 10% down at 6% APR over 15 years
  • Starting at $60,000 for 20 ft; $456/mo based on 10% down at 6% APR over 15 years
  • Starting at $66,000 for 24 ft; $502/mo based on 10% down at 6% APR over 15 years
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