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Meg Stephens,
Lead House Designer

Dear Tiny House enthusiasts,

As Tumbleweed’s lead designer, I have been expanding our family of House-To-GoTM models. We think of the family names in two ways: as external models and internal floor plans.

You asked for flexibility with floor plans and home lengths, and the house names should create a logical way to select from 21 different homes.

Our exterior models are based on nature.

How do these models differ? The Elm has a nice porch and iconic lancet window to greet you. Our Cypress features an aesthetically-appealing recessed porch and hipped roof. The new Linden has classic proportions, a full porch, open sitting room and innovative loft. And the Mica offers one-floor living, in modern home clad with hot-rolled weathering steel.



Our internal floor plans are based on views.

How do these floor plans differ? We name these plans based on their bedroom perspectives, with loft and downstairs sleeping quarters. These unique names also reflect living space arrangements for sleeping, great rooms, kitchen areas and more.

  • Equator - with multiple sleeping spaces or a downstairs office space
  • Horizon - with generous loft space along with a twin/twin bunk bedroom
  • Arise - with nice kitchen views, more private sleeping and living quarters
  • Overlook - with the largest living space, in the great room
  • Clear - with one-level living, in a full-size bedroom, separate kitchen and bath

We hope you enjoy selecting the Tumbleweed house that fits you best.


Meg Stephens

Meg Stephens

P.S. For those who knew our homes by other names, the well-regarded and original Walden, Fencl, Lusby and Popomo designs now fit into their new families. The Walden is an Elm 18’ Overlook. Our Fencl is called the Cypress 18’ Overlook. The Lusby answers to the name Elm 18’ Equator. Last but not least, the Popomo is renamed the Mica 20’ Clear. We have retired smaller homes from our line-up: XS-House, Vardo, Weebie and Epu — and you now can get Vardo plans free!

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