We do receive requests to partner with Tumbleweed. In particular, people wish to:

  • Represent our homes
  • Have a showroom of our homes
  • Build our homes
  • Use their products in our homes
  • Build a village of homes


Currently we are a very small company and choosing to grow our company at a comfortable pace. We don't want to grow for the sake of being a bigger company.

In the long term picture, we plan to do all the things mentioned above, but we still are not at a point where we are ready to do so. Please understand that our time is very limited, and we have a business plan that we are adhering to. Everything in due time.

As we grow and look for partners, we will announce such events in our email newsletter. As to the requests above, here are some basic answers.

Represent our homes / Have a showroom of our homes

Perhaps this is the request we get most. When the time comes, we will look for people who have the required business licenses to represent our homes.

Build Tumbleweed Homes

Currently, we are redesigning our homes and coming up with new models. Our green homes are being redone to meet standards that will allow for financing. We also want to have a national financing company in place before introducing new models.

Using your products in our homes

Whether it be solar panels, SIP's, logs, steel studs, or something else, we received many requests like these. We do look at them. Some are implemented. Most are not. Please understand it is not that you don't have great products, however many of them would require a complete redesign of our entire product line.

Build a village of Tumbleweed homes

We'd love to see this happen. It is our dream too. Even if it is just 3 small houses. We do plan to partner with people in the future to build villages of any size. Currently, we are waiting for the real estate market to turn around before putting more energy into this avenue.

Steve Weissmann
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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