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Recreational Vehicle Approved

Tumbleweed house-to-go models are fully certified as recreational vehicles by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the seal of approval you can trust. With our inclusion in the NADA Guide, RV financing is available for our standard models for both buyers and sellers.

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$57,000, 10% down at 6% APR, 15 year loan.

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Affordability is key

What does RV certification mean for Tumbleweed buyers? We’re the first major tiny house-on-wheels builder to receive RV certification, which benefits you financially. Our home prices start at $57,000, and you may apply for an affordable RV loan from a credit union or bank. Both 15 and seven year loans are available, with 15 the most common term.

So what’s a typical RV loan? Make a 10 percent down payment, and pay about $400/month, over 15 years.

According to, qualified RV buyers with good credit should be able to find a willing bank lender. Consultant Kristin Taylor explains that the “American Bankers Association released a report saying 'RVers' are deemed very trustworthy when it comes to credit lending and are preferred above all credit seekers."

Read more about prices and financing here

Your safety comes first

Attention to detail is the hallmark in every hand-crafted Tumbleweed home, built at our licensed Colorado facility. With RV certification, our manufacturing operations are regularly inspected and tested to meet over 500 safety and building codes of electrical, plumbing, construction, heating and fire safety (ANSI 119.5 and NRPA 1194).

Egress Requirements: Our homes are designed to be exited by windows as well as the front door, in case of an emergency. We also ensure that hallway sizes meet regulations, leading to back rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Electrical Code: We meet all national electrical code. All outlets are GFCI, which keep the electricity grounded. There are sensors so that if water comes in contact with electricity, the circuits break.

Dept. of Transportation: Our homes are built to travel, with tempered glass windows, lights in the correct places, 13’-6” height from the road, and widths not exceeding 8’-6” max. You may tow your home on our roads, without any special permits.

Mobility matters to tiny dwellers

When Tumbleweed speaks with future tiny home dwellers like you, we often hear about the desire for a nice, stylish house on wheels. The architecture, interior spaces and mobility are important considerations. Most of you like the flexibility of relocating or towing your homes to various locations:

Your Property: Your home may be placed in your backyard or property. Local and state laws support RVs generally (versus small structures with foundations). We advise you to research municipal or neighborhood RV regulations, which vary more widely. When parked, you connect to your home or property’s existing water, electricity and septic/sewer systems.

RV Parks and Campgrounds: As a traveler, you and your home are welcome at many RV facilities nationwide. These locations, whether parks or campgrounds, offer all necessary and full hookups for water, electricity and septic...and often cable TV (if you have it).

Off the Grid: Homes may be parked and used in more remote locations, and we suggest checking with your municipality. Without utility access, your water and propane (if selected) tanks would need to be re-filled. Electricity may be generated through solar, depending on sun access. Finally we recommend opting for a composting toilet supplied by Tumbleweed.

Financing Your Tumbleweed: Please reach your credit union or bank and apply for an RV loan. 

  • Starting at $57,000 for 18 ft; $433/mo based on 10% down at 6% APR over 15 years
  • Starting at $60,000 for 20 ft; $456/mo based on 10% down at 6% APR over 15 years
  • Starting at $66,000 for 24 ft; $502/mo based on 10% down at 6% APR over 15 years
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