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Below are Tumbleweed's website pages to navigate and explore directly. You will see sections about the House-To-Go and Cottage homes, information for visitors who are interested in either building or buying a home, and many stories from current tiny house dwellers. Our free study plans, catalogs and buyer guides are here. Also you will find our books, videos, workshops, trailers and ready-made homes for sale.


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3D Cottage Design
B-53 2 Bedroom
B-53 3 Bedroom
Bodega Studio
Bodega 1 Bedroom
Enesti 2 Bedroom
Enesti 3 Bedroom
Harbinger Studio
Harbinger 1 Bedroom
Loring 1 Bedroom
New Vesica Studio
New Vesica 1 Bedroom
Sebastarosa 2 Bedroom
Sebastarosa 3 Bedroom
Whidbey 1 Bedroom
Whidbey 2 Bedrrom

Tumbleweed Tiny House 2014 Workshops
Albuquerque 6/7-8
Ann Arbor 10/25-26
Asheville 7/19-20
Asheville 11/8-9
Atlanta 9/13-14
Berkeley 7/26-27
Boston 6/21-22
Boulder 8/2-3
Dallas 8/16-17
Houston 11/22-23
Los Angeles 10/11-12
Minneapolis 7/12-13
Olympia 5/3-4
Philadelphia 9/6-7
Portland 11/1-2
Sacramento 1/11-12
San Diego 5/17-18
San Jose 4/26-27
Seattle 8/9-10
Sonoma 10/18-19
Toronto 5/31-1

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