Towing A Tiny House RV

Our Tiny House RVs can be towed by many standard trucks. To prepare for towing, here are specifications about RV weights and minimum tow vehicle requirements. Remember that your RV should be titled, licensed and insured to tow legally.

Tumbleweed specifications

18' 20' 24' Mica
Dry Weight 8,000 8,800 10,500 10,000
GVWR 10,000 10,000 15,000 14,000
Personal Belongings Weight 2,000 1,200 4,500 2,000

Tumbleweed RV weights vary by size for the "tree series" exteriors (Elm, Cypress, Linden) and differ for the modern Mica. Dry weight refers to the home and trailer combined weight. GVWR or gross vehicle weight rating refers to maximum allowable weight of the combined RV and your personal items. Finally, Personal Belongings Weight identifies the maximum amount of your own items in the RV, such as furnishings, clothes, food, etc.

Minimum vehicle towing requirements

18' 20' 24' Mica
Tow Capacity 10,000 10,800 15,000 14,000
Tongue Weight 800-1,485 880-1,485 1,050-2,250 1,000-1,800
Truck Size 3/4 Ton 3/4 Ton 1 Ton 3/4 Ton
Hitch Type Class V Class V Class V Class V
Compatible Ball Size 2-5/16"

Your towing truck must be street legal, have a trailer hitch and trailer brake controller. Truck capacity should be checked, as it varies by specific manufacturer and even model year. Tow capacity refers to the weight the truck can tow, which needs to meet or exceed the gross weight of the RV. Tongue weight refers to weight carried by the hitch rather than the wheels of the trailer. Insufficient tongue weight capacity is the primary reason it's difficult for 1/2 ton trucks to tow Tumbleweeds! The compatible ball size is 2-5/16" for all Tumbleweed RV trailers.

What's a Class V hitch? This hitch size is rated to carry up to 17,000 lbs. gross weight with a tongue weight capacity of 1,700 lbs. Your ball mount and hitch ball need to both be rated for Class V, to safely tow our heavy Tumbleweeds. 

Insurance recommendations

Tumbleweed recommends that you insure your truck and Tumbleweed RV before towing it. You may buy RV insurance from any major carrier. Liability insurance for the Tumbleweed is typically carried by the tow vehicle (and please verify with your tow vehicle insurer).

For the RV itself, comprehensive and collision insurance also should be purchased. Comprehensive insurance covers damages through "acts of God" and theft. Collision coverage applies if someone or something hits your house, or if your untethered house hits something on its own.

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