Tumbleweed Certified RV

Tumbleweed is the first “Tiny House” company to manufacture RVs. Permanently attached to the trailer, Tumbleweeds are certified RVs making them easy to finance and insure. They are recognized by zoning department code, and the utility hookups are just like any other RV. As a recreational vehicle, they are designed to provide temporary accommodation for recreation, camping, travel or seasonal use.

Understanding RV financing

Getting an RV loan through a bank is much like getting a car loan - expect a 7 year loan with similar rates. Credit unions usually provide a 15 year loan with similar rates to banks. The trade off is that banks have easier credit terms, but the payment with a credit union is going to be much lower because you have more time to pay it off. For instance, a 7 year loan might have a payment of $1,100/mo where a 15 year loan might be $575/mo.

Tumbleweeds Are Travel Trailer RVs

Most RVs that look like houses are Park Model RVs, and banks don’t like to finance those. But Tumbleweeds are classified as Travel Trailers which are routinely financed by all the institutions. Tumbleweeds are only 8’6” wide and meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards so they do not require a special permit to tow.

But now that you know this, don’t assume your lender does. We’ve learned that lenders need to be educated about Tumbleweeds. At first glance, they assume we build Park Model RVs, and often deny the loan before understanding what we do. We recommend consulting with the experts at Tumbleweed before obtaining a loan. We’ll provide you with tips on how to explain the product to your lender, greatly increasing your chances of loan approval.

Why Don’t Banks Approve Park Model RV Loans?

Banks and credit unions typically won't lend to people who intend to use an RV as their residence. And from their experience, many people who purchase Park Model RVs build a deck around them and live in them, which makes it much harder to repossess if the buyer defaults.

How Banks and Credit Unions Establish the Loan Value

Banks and credit unions either use the NADA guide (RV Pricing Guide) or a Dealer Invoice. Tumbleweed has you covered on both sides. Our models are listed in the NADA guide and we are a licensed RV dealer that is bonded and insured.

Meeting the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

As soon as we start preparing the agreement for your very own Tumbleweed Tiny House RV, we issue a unique Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) that is accessible to banks and insurance companies. We want to make sure this is in place before a lender ever sees your loan application. Your VIN will clearly indicate that your Tumbleweed is a certified Travel Trailer RV. Once it is built and ready to go, we provide you with temporary tags to legally tow your Tumbleweed until your new license plate arrives.


Our 1 year “onsite” warranty provides you with the peace of mind that if something should go wrong, we come to you to perform any necessary repairs. Whether you live in Alaska, Florida, or Maine, we will provide service to your door - we literally go the extra 1000 miles.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

We maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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