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Tiny House Dormers

It's all about comfort, especially when sleeping in your Tumbleweed loft. We are proud to offer dormer plans to provide larger room, by raising your roof with two dormers. In our view, you don't need to experience narrow roof-lines in a tiny house.

When dormers are used, the windows bring the outside view to you. There are five loft-level windows with two on each side to see outside your house more easily. The fifth window exists whether you have dormers or not, behind your pillows.

The instantly roomy feeling is why our customers install and enjoy dormers most. The highest peak of the roof line extends and opens up, giving you more than two feet more in height and width. Now you can sit up in bed and also spread your wings (okay, arms) quite well. While cozy can be a good thing, dormers allow for more comfortable sleeping with one or two people sleeping in the loft space.

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Dormer House Plans
All Plans Include: Complete do-it-yourself plans. Dormers work with all Elm and Cypress models, excluding the Cypress Arise. Dormers are not part of any Linden or Mica models. More
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